A Collection of Anime OPs/EDs I Actually Like (Volume One)

anime osts 1

This is not going to be like my normal posts here on VV. Normally, I have something to say about a particular topic and express it with the most pretentious vocabulary. Instead, today will be a sort of “show off” post where I simply list some anime EDs/OPs I’ve found myself bopping my head to since anime corrupted my soul. I’ll link to each theme so the viewer can also take a listen while I offer short descriptions of the track and what I like about them.

Before the main content, I’d like to state two things:

  1. While this seems like an incredibly generic and/or standard post for any other aniblogger, note that I skip anime OPs/EDs 99% of the time when viewing anime. I can probably list the number of anime OPs/EDs I really enjoy on a single-digit number of fingers. (I know this sounds egocentric, but it’s something.)
  2. The “(Volume One)” in the title, as it implies, means that I plan to make more of these kinds of posts in the future as I become more willing to spend a minute and a half listening to accompanying tracks to anime. As this is a recent thing, a lot of tracks featured today will be from recently-aired anime.

Book-end, Happy-end” – Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san

anime osts 2

That link’s in danger of being taken down. Unfortunately, it’s all I have to work with.

I’ve noticed that a lot of anime-themed tracks feature female singers in a sugary-pop rhythm of sweetness and wonderment. It makes me kind of sick. As an alternative rock kind of guy, pop and anything similar isn’t necessarily my thing, but there’s something about the calming manner in which a male singer does it, combined with the nature of the anime it’s from, that makes it work. I could absolutely imagine this theme sung by a female seiyuu, but the decision to make it a soft-toned male gives it a distinct vibe that I really like.

Fairy Tale” – Demi-chan wa Kataritai

anime osts 3

I really liked this anime. I like its ED, too.

An early theme to this post includes calming, easy-going tracks that don’t extend more than a nice tranquility. “Fairy Tale” is a little more involved than the previous track (and a tad more generic), though it also eases the heart with a soft farewell that was nice to hear upon finishing the anime. Almost like a warm reassurance that the characters would live a generally happy life. While that’s nice and all, I can’t help but desire a little more time with this specific cast.

Tabi no Tochuu” – Ookami to Koushinryou

anime osts 4

I’m not sure if this picture’s enough to warrant a NSFW label.

While still calm, this theme has a bit more of a spiritual quality to it. I could almost hear this being sung with some of the darker moments in more epic-like series, such as Fullmetal Alchemist or Ghost in the Shell. Of course, I have no idea what’s being said within the song, so that may be incredibly inappropriate in certain contexts. Nevertheless, I think the theme perfectly encapsulates the underlying importance and gravity of the two leads’ situation, even if the actual series is much more pragmatic.

Sorairo Days” – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

anime osts 5

What a perfect way to break from the norm.

This is one of the earliest anime OPs I remember really fondly enjoying; that is, aside from the ones I remembered growing up as a kid. It has that same “Throw everything away in pursuit of your dreams” spirit that the anime embodies, which always got me pumped for the next episode. It also does well as an accompanying track for a final battle, which occurs (spoiler, sorry). I had heard of some controversy involving the singer of this song being a terrible person (and have no credible sources; just that I had seen it in various message boards), but this song will always be fantastic despite that.

Ride On Shooting Star” – FLCL

anime osts 6

The most rebellious thing about this song is that it’s 2:20 instead of the standard 1:30.

When I spoke of anime tracks I remembered really enjoying as a kid, this was one of them. I absolutely adore this track, and it gives me nostalgic tinglings every time I listen to it. (Fun fact: I listen to every track listed in this post while writing these tidbits about them.) I also mentioned earlier that I was an alternative rock kind of guy. Seeing as this sounds the most alternative rock out of anything posted thus far, it’s safe to say that I would enjoy this even outside the context of FLCL. It’s one of those tracks that always stuck with me.

Platinum Disco” – Nisemonogatari

anime osts 7

The lesser parts of the Monogatari series’s multi-faceted run had some bangin’ tracks.

There’s a lot of complexity to this track (and unequivocally Asian sound) that makes it really contagious. I remember the moment I heard it for the very first time watching this anime. I was just about to skip it entirely when the first few beats came up before my knowing it and, my finger right above the mouse to click, I was frozen by curiosity. I listened cautiously as my finger stayed in position to skip, only to let the entire thing play… and then I went back and played it again. It was among the first times I gave an OP a shot and ended up liking it enough to look forward to it each episode. Being stubborn can be funny sometimes.

Koko kara, Koko kara” – Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

anime osts 8

Fuck yeah.

. . .

What do you think of the tracks I posted? What are some other tracks you would recommend?

4 thoughts on “A Collection of Anime OPs/EDs I Actually Like (Volume One)

  1. I love anisongs. Besides some of the super-popular ones, a couple of my faves include “Eternal Snow” from Full Moon o Sagashite for a slow ballad, Kero! to March from Sgt. Frog for a silly song.

  2. >While this seems like an incredibly generic and/or standard post for any other aniblogger
    Darn. Maybe I should write a post about how I’m too lazy to skip OP and ED nowadays. Often find myself checking my phone or computer during those 1:30 segments. #attentiondeficit

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