Quick Thoughts on Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

sekai seifuku

The decision to watch this was slightly inspired by Irina from Idrinkandwatchanime, who gave this anime a glowing recap in a post of underappreciated titles. While I didn’t find myself loving this as much as she did, I can definitely find the same enthusiasm for the cuteness of the characters.

If one has read my content for a while, they would know that I would prefer if a specific story would just stick to one thing, especially if they’re good at it. Sekai Seifuku is a bundle of charismatic energy and borderline satire that I can absolutely get behind. Everything about it is ridiculous and part of the charm is in how seriously everyone treats obviously ludicrous situations, while occasionally being swallowed within said lunacy. At the heart of it all, though, is the characters, and they absolutely make the show as good as it is in its current form.

sekai seifuku 2

And yet, with a heavy heart, I relay to all that, coincidentally similar to the recently-reviewed Hisone to Maso-tanSekai Seifuku does itself a disservice by once again turning more serious by the end of the series. Seriously, is it so much to ask that things just stay insane and/or weird all the way through? I can’t even remember an anime that does that, offhand. To its credit, various instances near the end of the anime, some within the final episode, highlight a little of that zany nature the series had up to that point, while also throwing in some last-second character development that feels both good and bad. It wasn’t nearly as boring as Hisone to Maso-tan‘s final few episodes, but it made me reminisce about the episodes prior.

But the characters, man. They’re a great cast of characters, clichéd personalities and all. Not a single one of them perfectly encapsulates the archetyped role they play, but still adhere to the general make-up of it. They bounce off each other tremendously well, and I really wish they had more episodes of characters just talking to each other. I wanted to see these characters grow together as friends, teammates, and people. When a series has that, the only thing that can bring it down is the… story.

sekai seifuku 3
I felt myself in this line.

Yes, the story. Stupid, sure, that’s generally a plus for me. However, the way the story is executed feels a little monotonous, with characters going on little episodic plots that take priority over the previously mentioned characters-actually-talk-to-each-other. Fighting against an evil dude who’s evil because whatever? Bah! Teaching comrades how to cook? Yes, please! Sekai Seifuku should’ve been a weird slice-of-life thing, with the premise of world conquest being presented more in line with the premise to Chuunibyou, where it’s more of a fantasy than any achievable goal.

I enjoyed the series a lot, but was once again let down by a very trivial ending sequence (though not without some added flavor). The characters are all very cute and I would likely find myself joining them in their quest for world conquest, so long as I could hang out with robots and former gang leaders who wear skull masks. It’s a good time, so don’t take it too seriously, dude. And yes, it’s hilariously underappreciated. (#3097 on MAL.) I like this shit more than Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. (#22 on MAL.)

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3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

  1. I have very mixed feelings about this one. Some of it was really fun and great and other times I was just kind of wondering what I was watching. I did want to watch it again at some point to review but for some reason I just keep putting that off.

    1. Join the legion of chaos-loving sorts and this show would be high on your list. All you have to do is change everything you are and become an anarchist!

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