Nintendo Directs Should Never Be Labeled as “Wastes of Time”

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This is a bit of an impromptu post, as it’s essentially a reaction post to some reaction tweets to the conclusion of Nintendo’s latest Direct. For the minority who aren’t aware, Nintendo broadcasts livestreams of updates concerning their upcoming gaming line-up and hardware and such. These “Directs” are often done once every one or two months, and are constantly hyped up to reveal phenomenal amounts of information (such as new games in big-name franchises). Inevitably, these Directs are sure to disappoint some, and what someone said after the latest one really didn’t sit well with me. They became the inspiration for this post; should they feel proud of the effect they had on me? Probably.

The trigger-worthy statement in question is right in the title of this post: “Waste of time.” I believe the exact tweet was more along the lines of “Thanks to Nintendo for wasting 35 minutes of my time watching this.” The sense of entitlement from the tweet floored me, and was reminded again about the toxicity that’s rampant within (but not exclusive to) the Nintendo fandom. It almost concerns me that if Nintendo were so conscious of a growing numbers of reactions similar to this, they’d be discouraged to continue the Directs in general. This becomes the problem; y’know, other than being an asshole.

This person claims that what was shown within the 35-minutes that the Direct took up was a waste of time, implying that everything within was nothing of importance (specifically to them, but play along for a moment). What was shown?

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It began with the reveal announcement of a sequel title to Super Mario Maker, which was one of the more prominent titles for the Wii U, the console preceding the Switch. After that, a variety of minor headlines were shown, including the latest Super Smash Bros. game getting an update, DLC for the Switch port of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and a variety of games soon to be available on the Switch. Then, a more detailed look at the new Fire Emblem game, Three Houses, was showcased. The minor headlines continued afterwards, including the early Game of the Year candidate in Tetris 99 being available later that day. The Direct ended with two brand new reveals: a new title by Platinum Games (notable for Bayonetta and NieR:Automata) called Astral Chain, and a remake of Link’s Awakening, originally for the Game Boy Color, for the Nintendo Switch.

All this in mind, including things I decided not to note, does this seem like a waste of time? Does it seem like a waste of time for fans of Fire Emblem? The Legend of Zelda? Mario Maker? Tetris?! There was a substantial amount of information provided in the latest Direct, specifically for those who were looking forward to things from lesser-known or lesser-celebrated franchises. Through the sentiment of the despondent tweeter, these franchises are a waste of time, and the only franchises that matter are those that they consider quality entertainment. Believe me, I was disappointed that there was no news on Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch or news about the new Animal Crossing’s release date. Those were the things I was most looking forward to being informed of. Even so, the Direct was by no means a waste of time.

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Imagine if the bigwigs at Nintendo were informed that their Directs were a waste of time. Do you think they’d feel motivated to stop altogether? As a fan, I’d be extremely disappointed if that were to happen, so to see fans react in such a negative manner because what they wanted to know about wasn’t shown, I’m worried they might eventually have an effect on Nintendo’s morale. And it’s one thing to be disappointed, it’s another to label it a “waste” of time; to think that what was shown was so putrid that people feel scorned or betrayed. It’s not like they won’t eventually be shown! It’s not like because Animal Crossing wasn’t shown in this latest Direct that it would never be shown! Just have a some more patience!

I use the Nintendo Direct as the catalyst for this type of topic, but it could really be used for a variety of things. More than anything, it was simply the way they showcased their displeasure that riled me, not that they were disappointed in general. While it’s annoying that others kick up a storm about not getting what they wanted, some at least make the effort to have it be entertaining. I personally found the tweet showing Tom Nook at a desk facing the reader with the headline saying, “Animal Crossing stans in 2019” and a text bubble edited to say, “What the fuck.” to be pretty hilarious. That’s the kind of disappointment I can sympathize with: memes.


Hopefully others won’t find this post as a waste of time, seeing as it burrows down to “angry adult gets mad at angry adult(?).” Still, I think it’s important to always take heart that people behind the big studios are people, too, with feelings and humanity. Some may disagree with the previous line, but I’ve always been one to stick up for Nintendo, especially when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, as evidenced by what they decided to show during the latest Direct. After all, how can Nintendo be wrong after revealing Tetris 99? That’ll hold my gaming soul for at least seventeen years.

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo Directs Should Never Be Labeled as “Wastes of Time”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this.

    I completely agree with you. The Nintendo fanbase in particular is full of entitled children who complain about the silliest of things. This Direct was one of the best ones we’ve had in a while, and showcased a lot of unique titles, including Mario Maker 2 (which I never even considered, I thought we were just going to get a port of the original) and Astral Chain.

    I watched the Direct live, and the chat was just people screaming “NO ONE CARES WHERE’S ANIMAL CROSSING THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME” and it made me a little sad, because there were so many great games being shown.

    I think people forget that we’re lucky to get Directs as often as we do. Not many other game companies, if any, give these kinds of frequent presentations showing new games throughout the year, and we’re lucky that Nintendo even bother doing them at all.

    And the big games, Animal Crossing, Metroid, and the like, will likely be saved for E3.

    Anyhow, thanks again for posting this. Glad someone addressed it.

    1. “Not many other game companies, if any, give these kinds of frequent presentations showing new games throughout the year.”

      ‘Inside xbox’
      o-o I’m not going to put Microsoft down for no reason (they did there last one just 10 days ago).

  2. ^-0 I love directs, there fun as long as you see them as a means to show you ‘what is coming soon’, like in the next month or two. People can get so warped up in the rumours that they can’t accept them for what they are.

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