Asserting My Writing Efficiency – A Poorly-Veiled Blog Update


To those who have been visiting the blog on a semi-regular basis, you may have noticed that it’s seen some changes in the past couple weeks. The layout has changed to feel more modern (which means more bold) and the content has become more varied in type, both from a topical standpoint and a medium standpoint. I’ve finally found a groove in which this blog can finally be about a place for visual media (and football) and not just anime, which is something I’m immensely fond of. On top of that, the content has been rolling in at a rate unheard of for this blog outside of my annual March of the Movies block (the next of which is coming soon). I wanted to take the time to address these sudden changes.

While maniacally job-hunting prior to this weekend, I came upon the realization that the responsibilities of the “real world” carry a burden with which I cannot seem to escape from. As should be obvious by living in a Capitalist world, many jobs that were immediately hiring were ones in need of one thing: growth. They emphasized marketing, sales, customer assistance, and views, views, views. Numbers of exponential quantity the likes that many would be in awe over, constantly striving for more and more in the quest for unreachable infinity. In close circles, I’ve made it apparent that I would be a horrible businessman, because I don’t care for profit. I’m an easygoing person, with only the goal of making life comfortable and invigorating. The constant stress of “MORE” is something that has me hesitant of these positions, even though they’re within my field of interest.

At the same time, I’m in a privileged position in life in that I have an incredibly supportive family and setting that allows me to take my time in making these life-changing decisions. This also allows for the minute possibility of simply making a name for myself online, such that I can make a living based off the merit of my person and learned abilities as a storyteller and writer. For a couple years in the beginning, my blog, then called Criticism & Thoughts, was just a plaything, nothing I would ever think anyone would take seriously. Now, in the days of the Visualist’s Veranda, I’ve found that the continued nurturing of my blog allows for a one-two punch: a portfolio to showcase my ability and to allow myself an outlet for expression.

In the weeks coming into the present, my blog has posted on a bi-daily basis, and more recently on a daily basis. I want to try and keep it going at a daily basis, writing something of notable length (probably 750-word minimum; dependent on the day) and notable quality to continue the strengthening of my words. Of course, I also wish to entertain the people who come to this blog for—what is hopefully—a consistent and resolute voice concerning a myriad of topics. I want to make The Visualist’s Veranda the stronghold for my passion for writing and reviewing, while also exploring other outlets that make strong use of literary gobbledygook (I downloaded Ren’py the other day).

With that said, I hope you will stay with me during this trek of the future where everything feels rosily gray. In a perfect reality, I would be paid well for doing what I love, and not struggling to cope with the necessities of a world that supplants results and awards over the passion of the individual. I don’t wish to make this post so existential and mopey, though the sacrifice of contentedness gave fruit to the determination to make myself better, for which I’m glad I was able to sort through these emotions. I’ll try to hold firm on the goal to write for the blog daily, and hey, perhaps you’ll see me around the vastness of the internet doing something else. Only time will tell.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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