Day Twenty-Two: The Star Wars Holiday Special (MotM 2019)

star wars holiday 1

Oh me, oh my. Why did this take so long?

I will present this in gifs. My gif(t) to you.


A thirsty boy.


Clappy happy.


A flamboyant host.


The turn of the head.


Mark Hamill is an actor.


Bea Arthur with her adoring pet.


mfw someone disses on Star Wars Holiday Special.


Harrison Ford trying to find the exit.


And a cast full of heart.

Please watch this, preferably with friends and family. It is the heart of Life Day™ that we all come together and enjoy and appreciate the experiences and closeness that make us all tranquil. Nothing represents this better than The Star Wars Holiday Special. After all, executive producer George Lucas said it best:

star wars holiday 2

Final Score: 1/10

The rating for all other films can be found at Letterboxd.

For more, check out the March of the Movies Archive!

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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