Day Twenty-Eight: Tonari no Yamada-kun (MotM 2019)

the yamadas cover

My computer’s a real pickle. A wrung-out, unsatisfying pickle.

Nah, I’m not going to go through that again, but I wanted you all to know that I’m getting a new laptop because my current one has become a torture source. Also, it’s 10:45, so I’m going to make this very short.

There’s something about family-oriented slice-of-life’s that really appeal to me. Bonus points are awarded to if the design of the world/characters are old-fashioned, as one can see from the cover image. The wholesomeness attributed to familial closeness is something that tends to click with me, especially as one close to his own family.

This was produced by Studio Ghibli. As such, the quality of animation is pretty good. There’s also some spirited fantasy elements to it in the form of extravagant imaginations from mundane individuals. I thoroughly enjoyed watching every careful movement this film employed, and Nonoko is top-tier cute. Criminally underused.

Unfortunately, this falls within a certain niche appeal, suitably for those who like normal family everyday situations. A lot of these situations are pretty normal, leading to cliché moments and some repetition of conflict types. (Oh no, I forgot something! Oh no, I’m gonna be late for work/school!) It feels a little too simple to be fully appealing to a majority of people, which may be why its average rating is somewhere in the 2000’s on MyAnimeList (which I personally find hilarious).

However, I liked it quite a bit. I had no trouble keeping myself immersed with the everyday lives of each member of the Yamada family. A few scenes will likely remain in my mind for years to come, while others will slip from my memory; hopefully not as quickly and consistently as this family has shown in their daily existence. Its strengths come from the animation and the charming display of familial bonding. If the latter doesn’t sound appealing, there likely won’t be much here to consume.

Final Score: 7/10

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Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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