Writer’s Block Takes Hold – An Update


Five days after I acknowledged that I’ve become somewhat disheartened with the quality of my recent posts (a few have been good, a few others not so much), I’ve come to conclude that some days I’m literally forcing things out prematurely. This whole “publish things daily’ was a great challenge for some time, but in my current juncture of life, my motivation has dulled to the preference of other activities. Basically, I’ve run out of solid ideas that I want to write, instead opting to write for the sake of it, which is no bueno.

Upon this post, it is to continue that my blog may or may not have daily publications. This isn’t to say that I’ve run out of ideas per se, only that my motivation to put my all into those ideas are too gingerly settled to add any “oomph” to them. I feel that for any successful output of creativity, there needs to be some measure of drive or desire that transcends the product and evokes reaction out of the viewer; some of my recent posts, for the first time since my blogging drought of December 2018, felt pieced together by chagrin and obligation.

Whether or not those ideas come once a day or once a month, that’s how I’ll do it. I was truly amazed at just how far I was able to push the daily streak without running out of ideas and topics that I felt compelled to write—two whole months’ worth (including the March of the Movies, which is a guarantee). If I think of something, ruminate in it, and find something which urges me to write on it, it’ll come out. Otherwise, one can assume that I got nothin’. The Traveling Thoughts posts will probably still come out at regular intervals, but I like spacing those out (hence my not publishing one today).

Thanks for listening, once again, to my ever-changing mindset towards my blog. Hopefully it won’t mean too much of a drop in posts from this point on.

One thought on “Writer’s Block Takes Hold – An Update

  1. Well, congrats on having daily posts for so long! But yeah, it’s more important that you want to write instead of feeling like you have to, so looking forward to your future bursts of inspirations, no matter how frequent/infrequent they are.

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