I’ve Joined the World of Fanfiction

fanfiction post cover

I heavily considered not making this public on this account, but I’ve decided not to hide around the corner from any sort of stereotyping that writing fanfiction gets people. Besides, I’m doing it all ironically. I don’t actually care. Haha.

As some may know, my brother and I have been watching the Donkey Kong Country TV show recently, and heading into the second season, everything changed. The animation quality, overall design, and the absurdity that made the show what it was disappeared. It went from passably weird to unflinchingly terrible. Where did it go wrong? Why did this happen?

Of course, the logical answer would be that their budget was cut, or they had to change studios, or they didn’t care anymore. Things of that nature. I, with my imaginatively nihilist mindset, devised something on a whim, inspired by an ongoing joke my brother and I had about the character Bluster Kong. At 10:30 at night, right after going through a string of episodes, I wrote this story.

kongo bongo island
I also design the covers for my stories. This one is very lazy.

Initially, it was an inside joke for the family. The brother with whom I watched the series with was far more into it; my other siblings’ reactions varied. I didn’t intend to upload it anywhere and to have it sit as something to bring up whenever appropriate. Some time passed, and I thought back on that night, committing to writing and the feeling of elation when the story reached its end. I enjoy the act of writing; through its thought process, planning, and execution of inventing new storylines and characters and various moods. For years, I’ve wanted to sit down and commit to a story that was unequivocally my own, and maybe others could enjoy it, too.

That’s when I decided to create “Irontype,” the fanfiction profile that would be the catalyst to my desire to craft (satirical) stories about numerous topics. I haven’t done much in the time of its creation about a week ago, but I started an ongoing (and surprisingly serious) storyline about Magnet Man from Mega Man 3 being revived between the events of Mega Man X3 and X4. Why Magnet Man? I don’t know. I always liked Magnet Man.

magnet man fanfic logo
Cover for the Magnet Man story. I put a little more effort into this one.

If nothing else, the account’s mere existence may spur some creative dedication to stick to things, seeing as I’ve already started. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled to finish things, whether it be passion projects, lengthy video games, or whatever else my brain randomly decides to indulge in. I’m woefully dictated by mood and motivation, so continuously striving for sticking to schedule is an ongoing duel. Even if it started as a joke, I hope “Irontype” will prove to be a long-term and fulfilling endeavor.

And hey, maybe if I get comfortable enough, I’ll begin to create stories from scratch, without the training wheels of a pre-existing universe. That’d be cool.

That’s all I have for today. Thanks, as always, for reading and have a great day! If you wish to follow my account, I’ll link it here.

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