Announcing the “Visualist x100!!!!” Continuation


And because I made the first post about it, four exclamation points is the official™ amount necessary!!!!

With a new season of Boku no Hero Academia comes new vigor for cooperation! Working tirelessly behind the scenes and NOT just through a few Twitter DMs, Karandi and I have been working out our schedules to ensure this legendary team could return for yet another season of episodic coverage of the hottest anime since Shingeki no Kyojin, which came out like a year prior, probably.

For those who are new to this blog or her blog (but who are we kidding? You know who she is), this is not the first time we’ve done this. The conveniently placed hyperlink will send you straight to an archive of posts dedicated to our coverage of Boku no Hero Academia‘s third season. In case you missed it.

As a nutshell version, while certain strengths applied, we were generally underwhelmed by the third season when compared to the more-focused ambition of the second season. With this oncoming season, I feel it would only be fair to assume that the series is coming in as an underdog (to those a little more cynical, anyway). Will it return to the form it’s capable of? Or will Mineta continue to indulge himself and make me want to drop it outright? With the promise of new characters, perhaps his time in the sun will be more diluted—and I’ll pray for it.

So be sure to check in to my blog for the first rendition of The Visualist x100!!!!’s coverage of Boku no Hero Academia Season Four! Each week, the destination will switch between this blog and Karandi’s, so be sure to bookmark both if the idea fascinates you. And with that, plus ultra! To a season that doesn’t teeter along the lines of quality!

One thought on “Announcing the “Visualist x100!!!!” Continuation

  1. Reblogged this on 100 Word Anime and commented:
    Kapodaco and I are teaming up again to cover My Hero Academia. Full announcement over on the Visualist’s Veranda and our first episode review of the season will appear there next week. Be sure to check it out.

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