I’m Going to Watch a Lot of Anime in December (of 2019)


I adore Winter. I love the quiet ambience as snow accumulates onto the ground. The stillness of the air and the growing desire to cozy oneself in warmed isolation away from the frozen outdoors, as if to not disturb its careful process. Some may look at the cover gif and see some Gothic picture in waiting, but to me, it’s almost spiritual in its beauty. October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, and December is Christmas—white, frosty, cheery Christmas vibes all the way through.

Since the demise of my cherished Summer of Anime block, I’ve done nothing of a similar vein for the anime medium since. This year, that will be different. I’ve decided that I’m going to be watching anime—a lot of it—throughout the month of December. Why? Because December is magical and so is anime. And I want to.

The specifics of this decision are still rather raw. I’ve yet to find a suitable name (“Merry Days of Anime,” maybe? Suggestions?) or any particular guidelines to it. My current mindset is this:

  • From December 1st to December 31st, watch anime every day. I won’t urge a speedrunner’s course towards a certain amount, but finishing a few is preferable.
  • I will write an entry on anything I watch, whether I finish or drop it. [How painfully awkward it would be if I dropped a few in a row after one episode.]
  • Most will probably be single-cour, because anything more is a terrifying time commitment on top of everything else in my life.
  • Films will count, as will re-watches.

Basically, it’s a much less stringent Summer of Anime, designed to free me from a lot of arbitrary garbage I placed on myself for no reason. And it encourages me to write more, since I’m required to write about things even if I drop them or put them on-hold. This way, I won’t feel bad if I don’t write something for the blog for a decent amount of days between series.

Thinking back to the last couple Summer of Anime blocks, what I really think I needed was change. Not a change of cover, like reading manga instead of watching anime, but a change in how it’s approached, away from the constricting rules that inhibited my desire to indulge. I just want to watch things, so these loose guidelines are imperative to keeping me fresh and skipper. Besides, we all need a little guidance in our lives.

So stay tuned for the [name pending] special on The Visualist’s Veranda, where I remember my roots as an aniblogger and pay tribute to my old perseverance during the Summers of Anime. I hope to have a lot of posts for all the good little boys and girls who visit!

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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