Visualist x100!!!! – My Hero Academia Season Four: Episode Nineteen

visualist x100!!!! cover

The filler fun continues! Karandi and I discuss the worth of the seemingly worthless, and I am preparing my ship to set sail for not this!


I get so hyped up about writing these entries that I accidentally delete the torrents I use to collect screenshots. Ho-hum.

My previous wordings of “I wouldn’t like this if my expectations weren’t already so low” ended up being correct. This episode had a lot of the same structure as the previous, with a lot of youthful energy from the class, some dumb stuff with Gentle (whom I still can’t take seriously), and just a pinch of actual, substantive storytelling. And this time around, I was a little less keen on it. Perhaps it was the heavier emphasis on Gentle’s exploits (taking up about a third of the episode) or how the bits with the students was basically them just showing off. All Might’s impromptu training was the easy highlight, as 1. All Might has rarely not made a scene better, and 2. It set the stakes for future conflict. The promise of Eri interacting with everyone could also seem fun, though that’s for next week.

hero academia 4 forty-three
A decent joke involving Mineta?!

It’s definitely filler-like. All I can really say. After the mountain of strenuous tension from the Chisaki siege arc, this is something I don’t mind getting into, if only for the excuse to show off all that had been neglected before, such as two-thirds of the U.A. class. This episode’s fine. Nothing really to it, save occasional moments of emotional uplifting. Like a menial walk in a mildly populated park.


I’m glad I’m not the only one coming up short on something to say here. Totally agree that All Might’s training session with Midoriya is the highlight and is at least making this sequence of episodes feel like they might somehow be of use later on. I also just really love seeing Midoriya work to control his quirk and find new ways to utilise it. This has consistently been a highlight of the series as with the exception of his teaming up with Eri, Midoriya has almost never suddenly just gotten a random power-up in a fight as his current fighting ability has always been tied to the effort he has put in to developing it.

hero academia 4 forty-two
Bakugou needs to develop his eloquence.

The class preparing for the festival was fun enough. I wonder if they are trying to make it up to the voice actors having not gotten to say anything all season as they are now all piping up fairly continuously in scenes with the class. If I’d enjoyed the rest of the season more, the class scenes would actually be pretty fun and relaxing down time but coming off the back of a fairly flat season so far while this is watchable enough it isn’t exactly making me dance with delight. Nor is Bakugou’s ongoing attitude issues.

Finally we get to Gentle who bookends this episode and to be honest, like Kapodaco, I cannot take him seriously nor am I overly interested in him. What I find a little confusing though is that he spends a lot of his screen time at the start of this episode explaining why he attacked the particular convenience store chain (it was a pretty petty reason but there was a reason) and then, because he isn’t getting enough views and attention, he decides he’s going to enter the newly secured UA school. He’s gone from a villain who seemed to want to morally justify his acts to the standard attention starved online personality.

hero academia 4 forty-one

Anyway, the episode was entirely watchable and I enjoyed the bits with All Might. The rest was just kind of there but I am kind of curious about how Eri’s day at the school is going to go.

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