Day Twenty-Eight: The Wicker Man (MotM 2020)

the wicker man cover

Anyone well-versed in meme culture will know the significance of my choosing to watch this film. Well, re-watch, specifically; one can probably guess the reason I watched this several years ago, as well.

I came with bad news: this isn’t that funny. Some funny scenes are sprinkled into the first eighty minutes, just before things start going batshit and the hilarity scale is broken in two. Otherwise, it meanders into a sorta-odd-sorta-incompetent mesh of blankness that doesn’t really know how to create genuine tension or unease. Most of this is due to the writing and performances, because everyone is given garbage lines and they seem to be aware of it, so it’s reflected in their acting.

Unfortunately, this can’t really be recommended as either an ironic or unironic viewing. It’s clearly pretty bad, as its near-unanimous placement in the terribad cinema archives is well-documented online and elsewhere. And it’s not so consistent in the unintentional humor to supplement the majority of general, uninspired bad. For ironic viewers (or as I like to call them: fellow connoisseurs), your best bet is to find out-of-context scenes of the best moments online somewhere, as there’s only about twenty minutes’ worth of them.

There’s little I could say that many others haven’t already said about this film. Awful, occasionally funny, horrible performances, offbeat writing, hard to take seriously, bees; all that noise. The only interesting observation I’ve added with this re-watch is that James Franco is in it. Minimally, but he is. Never recalled that fact.

Not complete garbage, yet does nothing at even adequate levels. Worth some dumb fun.

Final Score: 2/10

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Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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