Black Lives Mattering Should Be Unequivocal, Yet It Isn’t

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The original intent of this post was to be a long, detailed foray about my life and my perspective on all that’s happening right now in the world. After some further consideration, I think it’d be better to simply stick to basics and show my support however I can, because I’m white. My voice already has too much merit based on that one fact; I’d rather boost others’.
I’m typically pretty reserved and objective when it comes to things of a political nature, but considering the circumstances, probably best I make things as succinct as possible:

Fuck Trump.

Fuck the cops that are beating protesters despite their civility.

Fuck racists.

Fuck those trying to validate cops’ use of force.

Fuck the political figures trying to demonize the protesters.

Fuck those that murdered George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black lives and were never charged.

Fuck the companies who use a black and white jpg on Twitter to address the controversy with meaningless words and non-actions.

And all lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.

Now I’ll get to some things you can do to help support the movement other than posting black squares on your Instagram:

Black content creators I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with/watching/discovering/associating with (admittedly small; will work to improve that):

If there are any other great Black content creators out there that aren’t getting much love, feel free to comment and I can update this article.

I can only do so much—whether donating, marching, speaking out, or otherwise. I hope people will take the time to showcase their love and appreciation for those who may look different from them. Inside, we’re all human, and that should be prioritized over everything. And those who should step on that are scum.

Thank you for your time. Try to change the world today, however you can.

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