A Final Update (Probably)

Some of you may have noticed that I have written one post since August 31st. For those who have not, let the records show that I have written one post since August 31st. With that out of the way, let’s get to the point:

As of October 1st, I have begun working at a full-time capacity at my gaming publication in KeenGamer. Indeed, full-time—40 hours a week, occasionally a little more. I am officially a work-from-homer. No more retail for this dude, for the first time in his life (and ever so fucking thankfully). The workload is daunting on some days, but a growing site’s list of things to keep in check and work through is never done. It’s the most zoned-in I’ve ever been with a working position and one I believe I’m flourishing in, even if not always smoothly.

So what does this mean for my blog? The site I’ve been writing on for over seven years now—sometimes actively, sometimes not? Well, the easy decision would be to pull the plug. After all, the days pass by and my desire to write here, coupled with how much I write for the site and how much writing I sift through on a daily basis, remains at a flatline. My outside hobbies have also suffered as a result of this: I’m watching my first episode of any anime in nearly two months; I’ve produced one pixel art piece in a similar span; aside from some Jon Bois pieces, I’ve watched six films since the beginning of September; football keeps steady, but I don’t feel quite as invested as before. My focus is so dominated by my work and the games that surround it that that ends up being what I most think about lately. To be frank, I haven’t missed writing for this blog. It’s just an index of my history with writing, critique, and an assortment of different subjects.

But I won’t.

What I hope this update will provide to longtime readers, specifically, is two things: 1. An explanation for my absence, and 2. What will happen going forward. I’ve titled this the “final” update because, barring any significant change in my working arrangement, I don’t foresee this changing. But the “(Probably)” is knowing that nothing is ever certain with me. I’m kind of fun in that way.

In short, I’m not closing the blog. I’m not leaving, nor am I “taking a break.” I’m simply in a state of fluctuation between trying to juggle the responsibilities of my current position and my motivation to write in my free time… and writing is part of my job, too, so it’s almost like double-dipping. The best estimation I can give is that I will write here when I write here. Vague as that may be, it’s the only promise I can make for whatever future state I may be in, given my rather sporadic history with this blog. It may take months, it may take days. But I’m here.

With all of this said, I did mention before that I’m currently watching anime for the first time in a while. After finishing it, I do intend to write something on it, so the next post after this shouldn’t be too long of a wait. I also still plan to do another year of Merry Days of Anime, and looking a little farther out, hopefully a 2021 version of March of the Movies. I do like these blocks and hope to give myself some time to focus on them.

Thank you to all who continue to read my thoughts on this blog throughout the years and I hope I was able to make an impact in your life, however small, with my ramblings on colorful, perhaps inconsequential subjects. It may not be as tight of a grip as years prior, but I’m hanging in there. I encourage you to give me a follow on Twitter and say hello. I’ve been trying to be more open with communication lately, so I promise I’ll reply in kind.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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