I’m Gonna Do That Merry Days of Anime Thing Again

Good time of day to you all. This post serves as a reminder (perhaps to myself) that the Merry Days of Anime™ block shall continue for a second year (or season?) in 2020. I’m pretty excited about it!

For those unaware, the Merry Days of Anime was a thing I created last year on a whim (typical behavior from me) to boost my now-stagnant anime activity for a given month out of the year—somewhat reminiscent of my prior Summer of Anime tradition that I had employed for several years since my “anime renaissance” in 2012. Throughout the month of December, I will attempt to watch anime every day and write an article on each one, whether I finish them or not. That last bit is important, because I tend to drop a lot in recent years.

For a more compact and orderly list of details, here are some bullet points I made from last year’s post (when I hadn’t settled on a name):

  • From December 1st to December 31st, watch anime every day. I won’t urge a speedrunner’s course towards a certain amount, but finishing a few is preferable.
  • I will write an entry on anything I watch, whether I finish or drop it.
  • Most will probably be single-cour, because anything more is a terrifying time commitment on top of everything else in my life.
  • Films will count, as will re-watches.

This year, I’m striving to be more experimental with my anime selections. Older titles, genres I don’t generally prefer, and watching anime simultaneously—specifically, watching short-cour anime along with long-cour anime to ensure posts get out in a semi-quick fashion. But with anime getting posts even when they’re dropped, it’s entirely possible that I write three or four posts in a row for anime I dropped prior to their halfway point.

And now that this has become an established “thing,” I will also ask (as I like to do) for any recommendations that readers may want me to watch. This has proved disastrous in the past, but the safety net of allowed drops doesn’t make this nearly as intimidating now. If there’s an anime that you’ve recently finished and had you thinking to yourself, “Man, Kapodaco would think this is lit!” by all means, throw it my way.

I think that just about wraps it up. I hope you all will join me in December as I inevitably watch some great and terrible anime titles. It should be a good time!

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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