Commencing the 2021 March of the Movies

For those unaware, four years ago I started an annual tradition called March of the Movies, where I watch a film every day for the month of March and write reviews for them on the blog for people to peruse. The premise will be the same as it was last year (and most other years): I watch a film at any part of a particular day and will release some sort of review, whether fully detailed or comically short, in that same specific day.

This year, however, will be the toughest one yet. As of October of 2020, I am now a full-time worker, with 40 hours a week minimum to my schedule I would have to work around. This being said, some days will be a little more lenient than others. Wednesdays are my free days, and the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) are not quite as time-consuming on that front, so expect reviews fairly early on those days. Every other day, though, will likely require me to watch a film and write a review quickly to make the deadline, after my shift ends at 6 PM CST.

I’ve dabbled with the idea of adjusting my sleep schedule so that I can watch a film first thing in the morning and then write a review after my shift to make it earlier, but it remains to be seen if I’ll ever commit to that.

In the years since I’ve started this block, I’ve grown as a blog to extend to topics outside of what my blog is typically known for (anime/manga). As such, my film choices likely won’t pertain to said one identifier, though I do plan to watch a few anime-based films during the month.

While I do (recently) try to have each year include a special distinction, this year will not have any specific condition or other “fun” attribute. It’s just a standard March of the Movies block, though I’d like to extend my scope and choose films from countries of origins I’m not totally familiar with (non-English).

With that said, I am also open to taking requests throughout the month. If there’s a film you’d like me to watch and I’m keen on your choice, I will likely give it a shot.

As always, I hope to see you there, and have a great day. For those interested, I also have an archive for past and present films included in this event.

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