Day Twenty-Five: Columbus (2017) (MotM 2021)

I don’t know what to say. My mind is a mess.

One thing resonates: I liked this a lot. Unfortunately, circumstances made me have to split this film in two, with one half reserved for last night and the latter half nearly 24 hours later. While I wouldn’t say that had a huge detriment to the viewing experience, it did make me lose the immersion I had held very firmly by the time I stopped the first half.

My, oh my was I immersed. There is a very prominent Zen to this film that I just can’t grasp. The still camera shots, with long, typically slow-going takes. Quiet ambience. People meeting, getting to know one another, slowly unveiling the burdens that plague them. There’s something… special about it.

This is one of the very rare cases where I watch a film and by the very end, I want to watch it again. There’s so much here that I feel like I missed the first time around. How shots were framed, how much each take shows; everything feels so carefully thought-out and articulated. Also helps that it appeals to me preference of quietly loud emotionality.

I’m running low on time and, frankly… I’m not sure what else I want to say. I really, really want to re-watch this, maybe as soon as after the month ends. It’s confusing and sincere, sweet and cryptic. Does a lot with a little. More than anything, it really, really resonated with me. Would definitely recommend it… but how much? I don’t know. This review is so pointless.

Second film in a row with Parker Posey in it, though.

Final Score: 8.5/10 (For Now?)

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