Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to thecraftsyartist

(Edit: This streamer has changed their username in the time since I wrote this post. I will not replace the cover image, but know that “brittanysartvibes” no longer exists on Twitch.)

Marching onward, Christmas was closing in. November breezed by with a healthy selection of streamers to choose from; the initial burst from late October into early November was fading quickly. Still, the always curious mind inched into territory unknown, as it’s prone to doing. With the wondrous month of December upon me, a trip to the Makers & Crafting section found itself to be an appealing option… or maybe it was Art. It was one of the two.

Almost like with the Music section, the selection wound up being rather difficult to choose from. Lots of different streamers doing a wide variety of creative things, though nothing really stuck out. Not until one face stuck out—something about it signified a coordinated, graceful aura, which motivated me to stick my head in. Wouldn’t you know it, my whole body promptly joined my head to take a seat for many streams to come.

Introducing thecraftsyartist. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

In general, I do believe myself to be a creative person, though I’m not artistically-inclined. Pixel art is my preferred method of partaking in the visual art medium, even if the end result is borderline average. Still, there’s something magical about the kind of energy and excitement Brittany brings to each of her streams. If you think you love something, it just might pale in comparison to how much she loves art.


As a former art teacher, her streams tend to evoke a family-friendly atmosphere (she likes it that way). One would probably see Twitch as a platform for a younger generation, that which is more… “flexibly linguistic.” Yet there are certainly corners of the platform that are inviting in ways that a Studio Ghibli or Disney Pixar film would be. A general-audiences display of enthusiasm and passion for something that is unequivocally human.

Admittedly, I do not recall much from the early days of attending thecraftsyartist streams. That December and the months that followed simply blazed by, and while her streams were a frequent destination of mine, there’s only so much my mind can retain when it comes to making crafts, drawing, painting, and what have you. Still, a few things stick out, most notably:

  • The community is wholesomely supportive. A creative, friendly group of like-minded creatives that help keep Britt upright and making that good art.
  • Brittany is a notoriously detailed person. Organized, orderly, and with tons of different things to keep up with on-stream. It’s genuinely impressive.
  • Contrary to my initial expectations, Britt is actually a very silly individual. Cheery, upbeat, and very much a kid-at-heart. All great qualities of an art host.
  • yuh
I would recommend looking up the context of this clip.

Recently, she has begun venturing into other categories on Twitch after being a primarily Arts and Crafting streamer. Whether Stardew Valley or Jackbox Party Games, her streams always have a bit of flexibility to them, dependent on her whims. Having been a part of a couple Jackbox streams with her, I can say that she’s quite the fierce combatant!

Of course, I can’t neglect the skills she possesses as an artist. Much like the organization skills on display with every stream, her technique is quite… technical. A heavy adherence to setting up proper shaping and proportions via constructing before getting into the finer details. Seeing her chip away at every minute detail until it begins to take proper form is a uniquely satisfying experience to view as a relatively ignorant artist.

While not in the classroom anymore, Britt is constantly teaching. Simply through her streams, through her art, and through the guidelines she puts on display with every new piece. Almost akin to a getaway art program, completely free of charge and from the comfort of your home. Even up to this point, a thecraftsyartist stream is among the most unique experiences I’ve had on Twitch.

Here, she is teaching chat how to be a cat (and make dice).

It’s all the more impressive when you consider her catalogue of capabilities. She can draw, paint, design emotes, sing, rap, cosplay, play kazoo, and take care of a rambunctious chat in-between keeping up with her two adorable dogs. A Britt of all trades, if you will, though you probably wouldn’t because I made it up just now. Jokes aside, a bounty of different activities and requests are always on the table.

As evidenced above, what may be the glue that holds streams together is Britt herself. People of any skill level can stream art, can stream themselves trying their hand at a creative venture. But what makes it appropriately “artvibes” is the “brittany” in front. An incredibly giddy, excitable person with a sweetness to match, giving her content an immensely lovable vibe. Attendance may or may not give birth to the desire to try a little harder with one’s own artistic self.

While another streamer with a heavy focus on Crafting is soon to come, Britt remains the consistent source for artistic prestige. A valuable experience for both the left and right-side brain, it’s a pleasant place for fun—while vaguely educational! She has always been immensely kind to me with every visit (she even offered me modship, which blows my mind), though this should be expected given the already welcoming community she’s built for herself. Veterans or newbies alike, creatives will find a home through her streams.

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out thecraftsyartist on Twitch. If you would like to see more content out of her, you can visit her YouTube, Etsy, Instagram, and support her on Patreon.

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Be sure to stop by on the 17th for the next edition of the month’s Twitch streamer shoutout post!

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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