Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to verydarian

Disclaimer: Hair color is subject to change roughly every couple months. It is currently pink. The image within the cover may change by the time this releases. The Twitch icon has changed three times since April.

For whatever reason, Mario games tend to introduce me to a lot of streamers. In this case, it ended up being Super Mario Galaxy. You just can’t go wrong with any mainline 3D Mario game, y’know? Going through the category at random (another recurring theme), I came across a sea of lovely blue… hair. It caught me off guard—people generally don’t have blue hair. Curious, I clicked.

Something was immediately off. The vibe, the mood; whatever it was, there was an obscure aura about it. Wasn’t bad, only different. An energy subdued, but wittiness in place. Quietly bizarre and just a tad funny, complete with an unreadable host. I was intrigued, so I gave this blue-haired bozo a tentative follow. It’s no longer tentative.

Introducing verydarian. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

Okay, to be purely honest, following Darian initially may have been ever so slightly motivated by her being just a wee, itty-bitty bit of a cutie patootie. Just a smidgen. Not totally important; just the facts.

The face of an angel (rad shirt, too).

Getting back on track, after the first stream, I was eager to tune in for more to get a reasonable assessment of what her streams could provide me. Super Mario Galaxy is Super Mario Galaxy—I can watch lots of people play that. But what did she, herself, provide that made for quality content™? If the first stream was any indication, she made weird observations and laughed at a few jokes I made in chat, so that was already a good sign.

To this day, I have not found my answer. It’s rather bizarre; visiting a verydarian stream is like eating a pizza. From where? With what toppings? Is it hot? Cold? Thin crust, thick crust? Extra cheese or no cheese at all? The answer to all of these questions simultaneously is “Yeah.” I visit streams and consume content then leave when I’m full. I come back once or twice a week to do it again.

Somewhat similar to Excelion96‘s streams, the vulgarity tends to boil over quite quickly during gameplay. With (currently) four separate sound alerts for farting, that’s just the tip of things. Sex jokes, potty humor, and existential memes are often at play, when she isn’t getting riled up by similar absurdity spouted in chat. Random foreign accents, videos pulled up at random, references to fast food chains and dead companies… it’s pizza.

Often she tries to stress a “stoney cozy vibe.” One of those adjectives is accurate to me.

Will he ever give you up?

I’ve only been following Miss RainbowHead for just over three months now, so it’s getting to the point in these shout outs where things are still trying to work themselves out. What I find amusing with them, where my place in their streams are. These are more gut feelings now, without the benefit of extensive history coddling my ambition to endlessly gush about these people with ease. So far, though, each stream has been fun, even if I do not care at all for Overwatch.

Ah, yes. Games. She plays those. Overwatch, quite a bit. She also plays World of Warcraft on occasion, as well as a large spinning wheel of random games. She played The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker once. That was fun. She also played Lego Star Wars last week. Let’s say her taste is as unpredictable as her hair color.

Whether blue, which I discovered her with; pink (twice), or white (and others I’m sure I’ve never witnessed), there’s a look for every season, it seems. Maybe she’ll go red for Autumn, or green for Spring. She can totally pull them off, too. But again, not important; just facts.

She couldn’t contain her secret fondness for farts.

Thus far, I haven’t been very clear on what exactly I like so much about verydarian streams. On top of just being bizarrely entertaining, I think there’s an almost deceptively genuine quality to her. Many parts of stream consist of her embodying the “aha stoner lady bro” persona, though she can just as easily flip a switch and discuss serious emotional topics.

There are times where she’ll speak on her anxiety or awkwardness, with those in chat following suit on occasion. And a good twenty to forty minutes of stream time goes on with things being deeply intimate. Such flexibility at complete random is admittedly very charming. To play both sides, and remarkably so, it’s an impressive feat to have as a streamer.

She will also cook and eat random food on stream, if you’re into that. I recommend watching the time she ate the world’s hottest gummy bear.

This post has been messy, vague, and tinged with a nice coat of sentimentality. That’s probably about as elaborative as I can be with Darian, except for comparing her to pizza. It’s been a somewhat short stay, though I think I’m willing to say that I’ll keep my place in her chat, perhaps if only to see just how weird she can make her stream. Or when she’ll eventually be brave and go bald. She’s a funny (and sneakily wise) individual, and I like that.

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out verydarian on Twitch. For other things, you can peruse her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

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Be sure to stop by on the 25th for the next edition of the month’s Twitch streamer shoutout post!

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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