Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to JellyEllieFishes

Around the time of its release, I was looking forward to seeing if New Pokémon Snap would be worth the very long wait. Roughly a week after release, I was basically finished with the game—completing the main campaign and replaying levels aplenty. That did not diminish the interest in watching the game be played, however. All throughout May, Twitch streamers flooded the category with expected enthusiasm.

Around that same timeframe, I was leisurely browsing the category when a colorful Twitch icon caught my eye. Reminiscent of a cozy, intimate style one would find in an indie title featured in a Wholesome Direct presentation, I was immediately enticed to click. Within moments, what greeted me was an auditory onslaught of sweetness and tranquility, the likes I’ve never heard (outside ASMR).

Introducing JellyEllieFishes. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

Allow me to explain the prior paragraph (above the Twitch link line): Ellie has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard. A single sentence was all it took for me to internally go, “Oh.” My ASMR-wired ears took to her soft-spoken words like a preteen to Snapchat. At a certain point, quite soon after visiting her stream for the first time, I simply listened to her speak and hardly paid attention to the game. Genuinely hypnotic.

A lovely collection of ‘mons.

Though her worth is in far more than just her voice. Joining in for the first time, I was among quite a few other regulars in the chat, so it was a tad more crowded than I was used to. Still, bringing myself to converse with her, she was immediately personable and kind. Her interest in my day and general conversation almost took me off-guard—I even told her of my blog during that first stream. I don’t tend to do so often! With her, it was easy to believe that her interest was genuine.

Throughout these shoutout posts, I’ve often associated Twitch with a perceived correspondence for “cozy” vibes. Most streamers I follow, at least to some degree, try to emphasize a “coziness” to their stream’s positive qualities. JellyEllieFishes not only embodies it beautifully, but she isn’t even an ASMR streamer. She’s not trying to be within that specific realm. It simply happens. A natural affinity for relaxation and easygoing gameplay. Absolutely astounding.

This is aided quite a bit by the type of games she enjoys playing. As mentioned prior, I found her via New Pokémon Snap. Outside of this, she also fancies games such as The Sims, Cities: Skylines, Animal Crossing, among others. Titles that are generally colorful, not too focus-intensive, and offer a lot of player freedom/creativity. In other words, I can’t say she doesn’t care for DOOM, though I would predict she wouldn’t play it on stream.

She does love Breath of the Wild, though!

Ah, but this is still a place for some entertainment, too. Among her redemption options are some amusing (and depending on your age, nostalgic) opportunities for quizzes, 100% factually true animal facts, and playful hums. Those animal facts, specifically, personally unlocked a segment of my memory bank I thought long lost to time. The things you remember from your elementary science class.

I followed Ellie on May 7th, so my personal experience within her streams are admittedly rather limited. Nevertheless, there is some measure of differentiation with her streams that make each visit an eventful one. A bustling community of people and frequent chatters is one such advantage.

Y’know what’s a great way to make a place cozy? Politics! …No, I’m actually serious. Sort of, anyway. Ellie does not mind topics of conversation that cover heavier subject matter, so long as it’s civil and mature. Not that it happens too often, my first few streams featured some discussion on things I don’t normally see allowed in most channels, and they were really cool! People didn’t scream and hiss! It was amazing! Maybe it’s the cozy vibes, or perhaps the community’s just very good.


Ellie herself has a lot of very “cool” qualities. Her wisdom, her demeanor, the way she interacts with chat and the community as a whole. Being able to speak upon events and experiences from her life that make up the person she is is always something I admire in people, especially those brave enough to put themselves out there in a public space. While it’s still somewhat early to say, there’s an indomitable spirit to her character that makes it easy to want to get to know her. Almost sage-like, with a kindness to match.

Effortlessly (and actually) cozy, JellyEllieFishes is an easy option for a relaxing afternoon. Whether lethargically watching her build towns or snapping pictures of colorful creatures, one can be guaranteed an eventful day-to-day stream (ha) of calming enthusiasm. Really, you could say that her streams are akin to Animal Crossing at its core: a place to live within the moment and enjoy the comfort of community and what life has to offer.

And she is one of only three streamers who consistently pronounce my name correctly.

The city grows!

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out JellyEllieFishes on Twitch. To catch up with her outside of Twitch, you can also follow her Twitter account.

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Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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