A Collection of Anime OPs/EDs I Actually Like (Volume Three)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done one of these. Was my desire to write another motivated by how few ideas for posts I have at the moment? I’ll let you decide. Regardless, this is the third post I’ve made on the topic of anime OPs/EDs, so you’re welcome to check out my prior two posts on the subject if you’d like to know my tastes going into this one.

And to clarify for anyone new: I skip OPs/EDs 99% of the time when I watch anime. Indeed, I am a dirty skipper. For me, I’m more interested in the content of a series; those three minutes saved by skipping the music adds up in the long run. Even if I didn’t, I also don’t really care for a lot of anime-associated tunes. Finding something I’m actually willing to spend more time on is immensely rare. Maybe that’s why these posts are spread out so far in date…

“Sunehair” – Arakawa Under the Bridge

Something nice about watching anime recently is that you have the music still relatively fresh in your head. I brought back Arakawa Under the Bridge from the dead just last month and ended up really enjoying it! T’was only icing on the proverbial cake that its ED ended up being just as enjoyable.

It sounds… beach-ish. I’m not entirely sure if that evokes the kind of vibe I intend for it to, but it’s the best I can describe it. A sort of sunny, energetic, fun-loving groove that envelops all. Just the opening notes have a sort of power to them in isolation. An opening to all the radiance that is to come.

“Departures” – Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown was a pretty… eh series, from the amount that I watched, anyway. Very overdramatic, hefty amounts of plot armor + self-indulgent writing, and laughable resolutions to issues made it more funny than serious. One thing that I’ve heard a lot of good about pertaining to it, though, was its soundtrack. The majority is correct.

In particular, this ED really gets me. A smooth, emotional beat that is part jazz, part the singer really showing off their vocal range. I do have a tendency to gravitate to piano pieces and more somber-sounding tracks, both of which are accentuated here. While I don’t care for the series it originated from at all, I’ll always dig the way it sounds.

“Coolish Walk” – Working’!! (Working!! Season 2)

Probably the most “Pop” track that will appear on today’s list, this is one I recall enjoying from many, many years ago. After all, I viewed Working!!‘s two (at the time) seasons all the way back in 2012… almost ten years ago…

I probably would have placed this track on a former list if not for… I don’t know, pride? This is something that seems a little too… “anime,” I guess. The kind of track that, if you had your family in your car with you, you’d be embarrassed to have it start playing. Has that sort of “weird” vibe.

Now, I don’t give a shit. It’s a cute, fun song.

“Far Away” – Naruto

Fun fact: I used to be really, really into Naruto. Like, an obscene amount—drew OCs online, roleplayed what village I’d be a part of; all that good stuff and more. This anime is, for better or worse, an incredibly nostalgic part of my transition into the teenage years. This OP was the soundtrack to the “best” part of the show for me.

Can you blame me? Dude’s screaming his heart out. It’s a frenetic, rock-oriented blast of noise that gets you hyped for every episode of inevitable filler and overly long ninjutsu duels. Every time I listen to it, I’m hit with feelings of extreme nostalgia and “I want to tackle everything that moves.” An overall good time for all involved.

“Refrain Boy” – Mob Psycho 100

I don’t know if this is a controversial opinion, but I like the OP and ED to the first season of Mob Psycho over the second. However, the second season of the anime is an overall better product (and one I highly recommend). This ED is my favorite among the selection, mostly because it embodies the typical energy I like in tracks.

I do like that the emotional turbulence that can be inferred from the track is ironic given Mob’s mostly blank personality. A blob of a human being without much of a distinct personality, whose emotions are either 0 or 100, in most cases. To have an ending track like makes it all the funnier. But don’t get me wrong, I genuinely enjoy the music for what it is: a bop.

“ambiguous” – Kill la Kill

In truth, this track almost sounds wrong to me. Why? Because I’m so used to it sounding like this (which I actually prefer). Still, the progenitor to the fantastic mash-up remains an incredibly riveting and rad journey of sounds.

Kill la Kill is a series that has a lot of hype around it, and for good reason. I’d consider it Studio Trigger’s masterpiece, something that has never been lived up to since. The track above (not linked through text) is like an amalgamation of all the blissful boisterousness that is contained within. Maybe it could do well to be a little more… scream-y? Regardless, it has an incredibly addictive progression of steady build-up to eventful climax. Always good to drop the bass… that’s how you use that phrase, right?

“Real World” – Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Before I say anything about the music, go watch this series. It’s pretty good, and I rarely see anyone talk about it. Definitely a gem.

Once again, energy is the culprit in my enjoying this. Just the very beginning is immediately gripping. Like a higher pitched Smooth McGroove track, it gets those “Bah-bah-bops” goin’. Similar vibes continue throughout, even though the series it’s attributed to is rarely that chaotic.

Simply contagious. Jam sessions are at risk of occurring with this playing. Listen at your own risk.

What are some anime tracks that you enjoy? Did you like any of the tracks I listed here? Do let me know in the comments, please!

Thank you for your time. Have a pleasant timezone.

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