Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to Citrusine_

Looking back on the tail end of 2021, it was a relatively uneventful time for me on Twitch. Some tentative follows here and there, though many of them have since become unfollowed. Spanning from late August to New Year’s Eve, only two streamers I chose to follow are still followed. As I’m sure you could guess, one of those two are the subject of today’s post.

Recently removed from watching someone stream Kalos Crystal for the first time, I was in a bit of a Pokémon hype mode. Seeking out streamers playing various (older) Pokémon titles, a bright orange overlay appealed to the eye. A Platinum Nuzlocke with a nifty streaming set-up, providing a colorful trek into an otherwise muddy first gym town. What began as a search for nostalgic Pokémon sights and sounds ended up a discovery of personified Vitamin C.

Introducing Citrusine_. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

This is a story of overcoming the odds. A fledgling streamer, convinced that she may not go anywhere with it, stunned to find the bountiful community she has since built. Starting very recently, in late September / early October of last year, she reached affiliate status faster than the sun’s rays reaching Earth’s atmosphere. In a little over four months, 700+ followers have made the stream home.

Citrus do be pogging tho

A desire to give burning within, she juggled the idea of hosting a charity for Project HOPEmas just a couple months into streaming. “Oh, I’ll probably get like five dollars,” she claimed. Still, she went through with it, along with some donation goals spanning up to something like a hundred dollars. How naive.

Citrusine_ ended up raising over $5,400.

Such has become a running theme with her. She sets such low expectations, only to have her viewers completely blow her away with their support. Constantly at odds with her own desires and the transparency of her goals, she’s far more open about her mindset than other streamers, I feel. Pros and cons exist within this frame, but it’s a refreshingly open space with a lot of bustle.

Her brain can have a lot of open space, too.

Let not what I’ve stated thus far paint this as a sort of discussion-based engagement stream of psychological meanderings. Citrusine_ is bursting with enthusiasm and fun, passionately indulging in the games that bring her joy. Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Splatoon, Stardew Valley, Hades, and others are what to expect with her—the first is kind of the big one. A onesie for every occasion and every Eevee-lution. Pokémon is kind of her crux.

As much as Citrusine_ herself, her community is just as much a benefit to visiting streams. Rarely ever quiet, a collection of regulars flood the chat with a chaotically mischievous nature. Goofs, running gags, and an ample supply of words for Citrus to bounce off of. Mods, subscribers, and new blood alike are treated with equal respect while she is live—all are clearly below her.

Pictured: Citrus looking down on her chat.

Jokes aside, her moniker as “Vitamin C” is one that could not be any closer to the truth. Bright, energetic, and full of a blinding optimism that goes head to head with my inner cynicism. Always eager to see things from others’ perspective and be a source of entertainment, there’s an altruistic genuineness that’s hard to take in immediately from the common streamer. From just the visual make-up of her streams, one can assume it’s a place of comfort.

Of course, this is generally what this stream and community has become. A playful parade of camaraderie and open communication. Fluffy and sweet, with some memes and occasional horniness thrown in (because why not). As fun as it is, it’s not quite what roped me in in the first place.

Nor was it her drawing expertise!

The first and second streams I attended were much quieter, though still with a healthy amount of viewers to provide input. During these streams, Citrus spoke on a number of topics of a more personal nature to her—growing up in the U.S. as a Korean, her experiences because of it, and the perspective she has as a result. How she spoke of her family, her upbringing, and society’s reaction to that obvious difference was touching (and slightly heartbreaking).

Her speaking on these things weren’t a means of seeking pity or validation; her tone was rather matter-of-fact, that these things were common and almost expected and she was comfortable sharing them. As a viewer, I really appreciated the frankness of it. It gave me insight into the person she was. The trust she had in her viewership to share such information shows her desire to connect.

My tendency to share dad jokes in chat has inspired her to refer to me as “Dad.” Just one of many fun little ongoing gags that many viewers have when within stream.

Here’s to you, daughter!

While I’m still relatively new to her community (about three months as of writing this), I have confidence that she’ll end up among my most watched streamers throughout the year. The energy and enthusiasm that she brings to every stream invigorates the soul and encourages multiple visits. Most of all, Citrus has an effortless charm in making people feel welcome and valued. And that fashion sense? Irrevocably cozy. I will always vouch for someone with the objectively correct™ opinion that Umbreon is the best Eevee-lution.

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out Citrusine_ on Twitch. To catch up with her outside of Twitch, you can also follow her Twitter account.

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Be sure to tune in on Saturday for another Twitch streamer shoutout!

Thank you for your time. Have a great timezone.

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