Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to HazeO3O

In my last post, I mentioned early on that in the fourth quarter of 2021, only two people I ended up following remain followed to this day. Conveniently enough, today’s shoutout target was the second survivor… barely.

Late December. My Christmas spirit was in full swing just days away from the big day. On a lazy afternoon, a few weeks removed from leaving my full-time job at KeenGamer, I came upon a rarity: someone playing New Pokémon Snap on Twitch. Humorously enough, I never saw a single snap.

Instead, the streamer was in the middle of some sort of aside… I think. Her lovely gobbo-model taking up a majority of the screen with chat right next to her. It was a glorified Just Chatting stream, categorized in another (likely absentmindedly). And though I came in hoping for some relaxing gameplay, the streamer ended up amusing me with the help of her bombastic community.

Introducing HazeO3O. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

Those paying careful attention will notice something. Late December of 2021. It is currently near-mid February of 2022. Indeed, this is a bit of a risky shoutout, as I’m not too familiar with their streams and/or community vibes. In less than two months, I’m going with a gut feeling; the feeling that Haze is a worthwhile streamer and recommendable to those looking for a pleasant(ly chaotic) time.

She is an art-tist~

Though I am not lacking in confidence! It is precisely because of the streams I’ve attended, regardless of quantity, that I am putting this to… “paper.”

More than anything I will discuss in this post from this point, Haze’s strongest point is the boisterous, contagiously charismatic personality her gobbo form embodies. Multiple times per stream, she’s calling out her chat (playfully) for being horny, dumb, or making her bad at video games, often resulting in many giggle fits. Truly, I have never met a streamer so embedded into the rampant insanity that is mirrored from chat. We are all gobbos in Haze’s streams.

Of course, this helps when the size of your community ensures your viewer count is comfortably in the double digits. Among the streamers I’ve written posts on, Haze is slightly on the larger side with close to 1,500 followers. Given the chat is always fairly active, she typically has something to comment on or dissect for entertainment’s sake. Perhaps thankfully, because, per her own words, she’s got big “head empty; no thoughts” energy.

This is so sad; Alexa, play Despacito.

Whatever may be contained in her head, it works to makes for amusing, memorable mornings/afternoons/nights (she tends to stream at random times; also she’s, like, six to seven hours ahead of me). Whether she’s playing with her community or on her own, there are plenty (read: plenty) of clip-worthy moments predicated just by her being goofy, witty, or amazingly incompetent.

As for those games… this becomes a tricky point of being so new. I’m not totally sure of what her “go-to” games tend to be, outside of a few recurring ones. She seems to be quite fond of The Legend of Zelda—she’s currently going through Ocarina of Time at the time of writing (unless she finished it and I’m not aware). Otherwise, I’ve seen her play Mario Kart 8 and Golf With Your Friends fairly often. She could also just be chatting. Among the chattier streamers I regularly tune into.

Wow! She’s actually in the Zelda!

I would comment on the goblin model rig, but I’m kind of convinced that that’s what she really looks like. It matches the persona she has onstream, anyway. A captivating, powerful presence the likes of an army general leading troops into the realms of eccentricity. Displaying a number of emotions and movement, it’s the closest a gobbo can be to touching the rims of reality.

Audibly speaking, my deeply Midwest American™ accent is not adjusted to the occasionally present Irish musings that Haze is capable of. That automatically makes it soothing and neat, as the laws of humanity dictate. How a streamer sounds is a deep part in how willing I am to return; a soothing voice is paramount. Even if she isn’t always speaking gently, the sort of energetic barrage of squeals, laughs, and verbal gurgles remains a constant source of humor and joy.

She’s screeching here.

An atmosphere of meme-y hijinks, spiteful love, and mindless hullabaloo. While this is present most often, I’m also fond of the rare occasions in which she takes chat by the fireside and discusses topics of a more serious nature. I’ve been the recipient of such times; asking her a generally straightforward question, she’ll give you a densely packaged breakdown for an answer, so long as it applies. Gobbo head may be empty, but the heart isn’t. That good.

The future seems bright for gobbo-kind. Even if prompt, I look forward to the times I’ll inevitably spend within the swamp-y dwellings that she provides during the early week. And when she’ll blame me for doing poorly in whatever game she may be playing. Like a stinky doodoo head.

It was chat’s fault.

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out HazeO3O on Twitch. To catch up with her outside of Twitch, you can sift through this neat Linktree link.

But wait, there’s more! For a limited time only (probably), you can get yourself some neat Kirby-themed emotes for an excellent price! Y’all like Kirby, don’t ya? Who doesn’t love Kirby? Give her some money love!

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Thank you for your time. Have a great timezone.

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