Commencing the 2022 March of the Movies

For those unaware, five years ago I started an annual tradition called March of the Movies, where I watch a film every day for the month of March and write reviews for them on the blog for people to peruse. The premise will be the same as it was last year (and most other years): I watch a film at any part of a particular day and will release some sort of review, whether fully detailed or comically short, in that same specific day.

This year, the commitment should not be too inconvenient. I have since left my full-time job that gave me some issue last year, and am still currently unemployed. Something might come together by the middle of March, so it could get more hectic in that time. But until I know more, expect reviews somewhat on the earlier side of days. Maybe even before noon! (CT).

For those who have followed my blog for many years, you know that my film choices tend to be pretty varied. The Visualist’s Veranda is rooted in “Criticism & Thoughts,” where I primarily gave thoughts on anime (which has since become an outlier). Whatever film type may strike my fancy at the time is what I’ll view and write a post on. Animated, live-action, puppet show, maybe even a stand-up comedy special! I’ll count just about anything. (Probably won’t watch any shorts, though.)

Like last year and the year before, there will be no specific “theme” for this year’s event. I’m just going to watch films that I want to watch. Like the prior couple of years, however, I will try to make a conscientious effort to view films from outside my native tongue and perhaps my preferred type of genre. Might even brave danger and watch an Adam Sandler comedy. Who knows?

As always, if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them. What films do you think I should view? I’ll consider them as I consider everything. Let me know!

I hope to see you all throughout the month. Have a great timezone, everyone.

If it is of any interest, you can view the archive from past March of the Movies blocks.

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