Top 10 Highest Quality SiIvaGunner Rips (2022 Edition)

Hello. Welcome to another Top 10 list detailing the highest quality of SiIvaGunner rips I’ve found. If you have never read this before, know that SiIvaGunner is a channel dedicated to supplying your eardrums with magical gaming memories that will last you the rest of your days. As of writing, the channel has over 19,000 videos, most of which are high quality rips.

With so many to choose from, it’s astounding to think that I, alone, can go through everything in order to ascertain quality to make these lists. Alas, I must admit: I listen to maybe ten to twenty new rips within a month’s span, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that. Nevertheless, many new rips have supplied themselves into the chambers of my memory bank, nestled firmly in place with love and affection.

There are no specific ruleset to make this list; I simply have to adore the tracks. Though this is a “2022 list,” it does not have to have come out in 2022 to qualify. (I’m pretty sure zero tracks I’m going to cover were published in 2022.) This also isn’t meant to insinuate that these tracks are better than others I’ve documented previously. Consider it ten new high quality tracks for a full new year.

Before starting, if you’d like to see my prior lists, you can click on the links that follow: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

10. Gerudo Valley – Super Smash Bros. Brawl

A pleasant sound for just about anyone. The rhythmic strings of a classic, dry-heated track from The Legend of Zelda, wrapped in a coat of heavenly nostalgia. Should you be familiar with Nintendo’s storied history of life simulation games in the form of chibi animals, this may pluck the strings of your heart. It certainly plucks mine.

A classic within the channel’s library, its August 2016 publish date makes it among the oldest rips on the channel. And with 420k+ views, many cherish it in a similar manner.

9. U-Rays (Tutorial) – F-Zero GX

Among the rips present on this list, this is the least popular in terms of views. I do not understand this.

True, this is something of an unusual mishmash of different things. Still, I am convinced that it has an almost calming balance to it that lulls as much as it energizes. A fascinating, and ironically minimal, showcase of techno audio hypnotism that really jives with my preferences. Please agree with me so that I may feel validated and secure in my opinion.

8. 5PM (Alpha Mix) – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here’s a humorous anecdote:

A couple months after I discovered this rip, I listened to the original track by Miss Grande that was injected into this as set dressing. I did not like it nearly as much as I did when mixed within New Horizons‘ groovy tunes. Isn’t it astounding how a perfect mash-up can end up becoming the definitive version of a song?

But well, I’m not much of an authority on what constitutes as good music. That’s why I make lists like this.

7. Feel the Heat – Sega Bass Fishing

Something you may notice as we continue along—this is assuming you, the reader, are actually listening to these tracks as you scroll—is that my selections are a lot more “upbeat” than in previous years. That may be because of one simple epiphany I’ve had as I’ve matured: poppy dance music is awesome.

This track, which beckoned to me like the line of a rod tugging at the arm, was something of an impromptu choice. Sega Bass Fishing is not the fishing game I grew up with, but something about the view count and promising track name hooked me. I. Do. Not. Regret it.

6. Asgore (Unused Mix) – Undertale

Yet another classic, being published only a month after the Gerudo Valley track above. This is, per my own words, “something I can’t believe never made any list yet.”

Undertale is, since its release nearly seven years ago (I’m so old), become a testament in indie RPGs with phenomenal, emotional soundtracks. Asgore, one of the game’s signature boss battles, has that emotional foundation to it to make it all the more memorable. It also sounds absolutely magnetic when mixed with “The Sound of Silence.” While the entire track is good, the first thirty seconds or so make it legendary.

5. Let’s Go Away (Beta Mix) – Daytona USA

Listening to this purely from a technical standpoint, this is one of the most impressive rips I have ever heard. The amount of detail, care, and time it must have took to take voice lines, splice them up at this hell-raising pace, and make it sound good is truly marvelous. I simply cannot fathom how this even exists.

I’ve always liked John Scatman’s music, too. A pleasant (and nostalgic) part of growing up in YouTube’s infancy. This is an upbeat, funny, and timeless rip that should be heard at sporting events everywhere.

4. Empty House – Undertale

In a valley of upbeat, spirited musical bops, this stands alone in its soulful, somber corner of the universe. Listening to this on a whim, I was immediately willed into coasting along its rhythmic, almost terrifying beat. And then the laugh occurs.

Tracks from Undertale tend to be incredibly popular on the channel almost by default—the music’s good and the fanbase is ravenous for content. Even still, there is a haunting essence to this that transcends its clearly silly intent of combining an indie game about befriending monsters and a deeply personal track by one of the greatest rappers to ever live. It’s one of those once-in-a-great-while perfect combinations that create surreally powerful music.

3. Ground Theme (Band Performance) – Super Mario Bros. – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

And we’re back to catchy and upbeat. I hope the detour wasn’t too harsh on you.

Let it be known that this isn’t real… I think. I mean, it can’t be real, right? The people behind SiIvaGunner couldn’t have hired a whole orchestra just to perform a rendition of the Athletic Theme from New Super Mario Bros., right? Incredible either way; they got a whole band performance or they made it sound like an actual band performance.

Simply astounding. What a fucking bop. I love orchestras.

2. Icarus – Forza Horizon

I do not care about Forza Horizon. Going fast in cars in an albeit gorgeously recreated reality does not appeal to me whatsoever. It’s not for me. That being said, something about this particular rip called to me when I saw it among my recommended videos while listening to other rips. So I clicked it.

I have no words. Just tears.

1. Athletic Theme (Alternate Mix) – Yoshi’s Island

He will always be number one.

Helps when you combine it with one of the most nostalgic tracks of my childhood.

When this rip comes on, I always listen to it twice. No exceptions. Because you cannot listen to it only once. That is to deny respect to one of the highest quality rips ever brought to reality. I want to get up and dance until I die.

Any other SiIvaGunner rips you would’ve suggested? Is my taste not actually high quality? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and I will choose whether or not to cry about it.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

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