Holy Moly, Another Update!


You may have noticed that I have not written anything here in the last month-plus, and that my output has been very paltry since my Steam game demo marathon in June. This may have led some of you to think, “Where is the man who writes the things?” Do not fret, for I am here today to tell you a fun and uplifting update about my life.

Since leaving KeenGamer in December of last year, I have yet to find employment anywhere*. Is part of this my fault? Certainly; I’m being somewhat picky with my destination. My priority is in finding work that is in line with my college education or skillset via “my brain.” Nevertheless, the search is long and a constant game of tempering my ego after repeated rejections and/or no responses.

*I did find employment with a couple companies, but both disappointed in specific areas, and my presence in both places did not last long.

During this time, my priority has almost solely rested on looking for something substantive, which only increases in urgency as time passes and my savings dwindle. This, perhaps obviously, does not bode well for my motivation to write on things. Though I do have a number of things I could write on, my body simply refuses to commit the energy to it.

Fortunately, I am optimistic about the situation and hope to have something to hold the tide of complete bankruptcy in the near future. And if not, things will work out as they should. I have no regrets about how things have turned out. Gloomy as this post has been thus far, my desire is simply to update and encourage people that I’m fine. Posts will come in time, I’m sure!

In the meantime, please tell someone important to you that you love them.

Thanks for reading. Have a pleasant timezone!

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