Early Impressions: Mob Psycho 100 III

Three episodes in, Mob Psycho 100 III is a bit of a slowstarter.

Though my statement above can give the impression that it is negative in tone, it’s actually not totally surprising. From what I recall of the first season, and what I more easily recall from the second season, both had relatively meager starts, as well. It wasn’t until maybe a quarter of the way through each when the series began to really execute upon the foundations they had laid down… at least for the second season. I wasn’t as fond as the first.

Should this third iteration tread similarly to its predecessor, I would expect it to gradually increase its output of creativity as the stakes only rise. Even the end of the third episode, which I viewed mere hours ago, allowed hope that this is exactly what will occur. Some entity has revealed itself, but what is it? Why did the final shot of the episode suggest that Mob has some subconscious control of it? The existence of these questions suggests that substance is coming through.

This is more fortunate given the first two episodes of the season were kind of dull.

What a pure little boy.

Mob Psycho 100 II was among my favorite anime of 20[Year it came out]. Its emotional foundation and riveting ending episodes, bursting with enthusiasm and heart, was the kind of thing I assume a lot of people watch anime for. Except it happened to me, a cynical asshole who is never impressed by anything, so it made the series even more incredible to me. While I try not to dive into hype as much as I used to, it made the impending third season something to watch out for.

It has arrived. And early impressions are… fine. The first two and three-quarter episodes were passable. A majority of the first two felt mostly like filler, an introductory pseudo-recap to re-familiarize the audience with what’s happened since the finale of the second season. Some of this I appreciate, because I looked a Serizawa and thought to myself, “…Who is this again?” On the other hand, it lacks a lot of the bombast and “epicness” that I remember being very fond of from before.

Dimple still has epic facial expressions.

To reiterate, the prior seasons both started off very practical, very down-to-Earth (mostly) in their atmosphere. Some goofy, supernatural monster-of-the-week plotlines that showcase the basic comedy setup of “Reigen has no powers but has underlings with God-like powers who view him as superior.” That, and Mob dealing with the general anxieties present within a middle school kid. The third season is the same.

I suppose to some degree, this brings some manner of criticism to be had for its somewhat cyclical nature. Though personally—not accounting for the fact that I barely remember the specific details of past seasons—I haven’t found this to be an issue as of yet. As it stands, the characters are still likable and nuanced(-ish), the emotional stakes are not currently present, though are bound to be, and the animation style is pleasing enough. Admittedly, though, the animation has been somewhat muted thus far.

The face of arrogance. Looks like me, but with hair.

Essentially, it’s a waiting game. If I were to rate this now, it’d be teetering between a five and six out of ten. Doesn’t sound totally impressive, but this is a series that has generally took its time to foreshadow, develop, and execute captivating, grandiose battles. Like any good story, it takes time to allow the details to simmer and become more satisfying to consume when the situation most calls for it. I trust that Mob Psycho 100 III will do what it needs to when the time is right.

It… doesn’t feel like I said very much with this post. If anything, it’s indicative of me waving my arms around going, “Trust me, cool shit’s gonna happen!” as a sturdy red wall stands behind me, completely inanimate. Regardless, I intend to review the season in full upon its completion, so I will very likely have more to say come then. Until that time, I’ll try not to go 100% high horse.

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