Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to Mondo16bit

The events that shape my history on Twitch have begun to slow. Since making a home on the site back in late 2020, I’ve sort of exhausted the positive effects of connecting with people as my life begun to turn inward. Though the decline was inevitable, I still carried on with my habit of searching game categories and picking out streamers that looked interesting to me.

August of 2022. Soon I would turn 29, yet my life was slowly dwindling as my jobhunt continued fruitless. On a whim, I felt the urge to discover, so I went down the Super Mario Sunshine rabbit hole. It’s had good results in the past. A face would greet me then, one with a sort of simplistic filter that highlighted the shades and color of the human head. Triggering a “This person has some semblance of knowledge on how to stream,” sensation, I dove in.

Introducing Mondo16bit. (← Link to his Twitch channel.)

Mondo has Big Man energy. For those not familiar with the Splatoon 3 character, know that the distinctive manta ray character is a beloved figure for his chill style, righteous figure, and almost oblivious temperament. He’s a big, lovable goofball; this streamer contains a similar energy down to the smallest proportion.

He is asking chat how to kill a baby in this screenshot.

When entering his stream for the first time, my brain was immediately faced with a jolt of enthusiasm. Mondo’s ability to enthuse and captivate was immediately apparent, commenting on the action in front of him like he was a seasoned pro at color commentary. Yet it was not what he said, but how he said it—with gusto! A kind of freneticism seen only in the most optimistic of souls; a fervor unleashed that makes those around him want to commit to improving themselves.

Call it a shot of espresso in human form. Mondo has a personality that lights up a room, allowing viewers to trust his genuineness. Always smiling, always laughing; frustrating bits or annoying tactics are but trifle fodder to his widened eyes. Legitimately cartoonish in the way he conducts himself, his passionate exuberance is only challenged by his… incredible gaming skills.

This was an incredible moment to witness live.

I write this paragraph with the utmost sincerity and respect for his craft, because streaming is no small feat. Not all can handle it with the same grace. That said, Mondo has some of the “best” gaming skills I have ever seen. He is “absolutely masterful” and “truly a force to be reckoned with” when it comes to the medium. Seeing him “triumph” over Corona Mountain in Super Mario Sunshine was a gift. Having it take him an hour was just camouflage to make all of us feel better about our own skills.

Skill level aside, it is always a feat to see him triumph. It is even a marvel to see him fail (continuously) in spectacular, unsuspecting ways. If there is any person who can properly replicate the atmosphere of just hanging out with your buddy playing video games in your mom’s basement after school’s out, it’s Mondo. Even better is that your buddy is a big dude who puts a smile on your face no matter what he’s doing, intentional or otherwise.

Fear not; it is but a bag over his head.

What is intentional is the manner in which his stream exudes his energy. Numerous soundbytes, onscreen gifs, redemptions designed to have him struggle, and an all-around festival of sounds and sights. Replicating what is, perhaps, a fraction of his mind’s power. He has many hats, many camera filters, many props, and even more ways to accentuate his character. He can, for example, from my limited understanding, speak perfect Spanish. Always fun to have him do his best Spanish sports commentator impression.

As a sort of small disclaimer, I acknowledge I haven’t been to some of Mondo’s streams recently. He streams a little too late for me now and is sort of inconsistent with his own schedule. Nevertheless, having front seat to seeing him play through and finish Super Mario Sunshine will always be a splendid chain of memories.

As for games, he’s sort of all over the place with them. I discovered him through Mario, but he’s played a large assortment of games since I’ve followed him. Among Us, A Plague Tale, Poppy Playtime, Little Nightmares, Disney’s Dreamlight Valley; there seems to be no genre he won’t touch, with size being irrelevant, as well. He just wants to have fun, which is something we could all empathize with.

I do not know how to empathize with this, however.

Twitch, to me, is a great a chance to connect to people with a similar passion for games. Thanks to it, I’ve managed to meet a large quantity of people that have since fostered homes within my mind to ruminate in for the rest of my life. Mondo will certainly take a grander portion just by virtue of his energy alone, and it’s all the better for it. There’s never a dull moment so long as he’s in his element of wholesome bonanza.

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out Mondo16bit on Twitch. To catch up with him outside of Twitch, you can find him on Twitter and TikTok.

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Thank you for your time. Have a great timezone.

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