Quick Thoughts on Mob Psycho 100 III

This post is overdue for a couple reasons. The first is that this series ended around Christmas of last year. The second is that I actually finished watching it almost ten days ago. Such are the trials of having to pull oneself to be productive, I suppose. Regardless of my subtle excuses, I will be (briefly) elaborating my thoughts on the third season of an anime series that I actually quite like: Mob Psycho 100.

For those of you who want a little more insight on my thoughts after the first three episodes, I have a post on that.

Copy-Paste Synopsis

The appearance of a divine tree and new religion turns Mob and Reigen’s city upside down!


Actual Review

Before elaborating on anything, I would like to acknowledge that I was wrong about this season.

In my earlier post (linked above) after three episodes, I made a half-prediction believing that things would pick up by the end and would enthrall similarly to how the second season was paced. This did not end up happening, unfortunately. So without delaying the inevitable, I’ll admit now that this is a pretty sizable step down from season two in terms of quality. Not overall, however—season three definitely has its fair share of great moments.

The absolute highlight of Mob Psycho 100 III is the Dimple arc, when the “divine tree” is explored and the character of Dimple is given a sizable role in the plot again. Without spoiling anything, it managed to exude the same explosive, cathartically overwhelming emotional dazzle that the end of season two was able to rally. A combination of engrossing animation and digging into the psyches of characters really seems to be the recipe for success here.

It is only a shame that the end sort of retcons part of the fulfillment of that arc. Ho-hum.

If only it were that easy.

To compare this season to anything, it would be the ocean tide. Ordained by some mysterious natural power to flow back and forth in waves. Sometimes the waves are stronger upon reaching land, but there’s never any total consistency. Some arcs in this season are great (Dimple), while others are more forgettable. It just happens that there were more middling waves this time around.

One wave in particular was the final one. A review in particular on MyAnimeList states that the second season of this series was crucial enough as an ending point for this series, and that it didn’t really need to continue to feel fulfilling. I’m inclined to agree with this, as the final four episodes of Mob Psycho 100 III didn’t leave me with nearly the same level of closure as the last season. Looking back, it almost comes across as filler. (It’s not, really, but it comes across that way.)

There’s also an issue with pacing in the final arc, dragging out what definitely could have been three episodes at most to four. Many scenes in the last two episodes in particular are dedicated to random characters who were at one point relevant making amends with themselves by perceiving Mob in the state that he’s in (no spoilers) and acknowledging their own weaknesses. “Stilted” is one word, “padding” is another. How conveniently it wraps every loose end into a tight bow before the grand finale.

The Hulk wishes.

Thankfully, all of this are just things to complain about because the prior season set the standard incredibly high. If I were to compare this to the common Shounen series of this generation, it’s still pretty good. The Dimple arc by itself is better than a majority of anime I’ve seen in the past couple of years, ironically or otherwise. Even those arcs outside of it—while they do not compare in pizzazz and heart—remain endearing enough to give the season worth. It wasn’t a waste of time by any measure.


The more I think on it, the more I’m willing to say that this could be the weakest link in the Mob Psycho catalog. The ending isn’t nearly as fulfilling as before and the trials that Mob goes through aren’t as convincing as they were previously, given what he’s faced already. Still, it’s just as entertaining and wholesome as it’s ever been, desperately applying what it can to give these characters proper closure. And it’s kind of funnier. Kind of. I don’t usually laugh at anime.

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