Day Twenty: InAPPropriate Comedy (March of the Movies 2023)

Holy fuck.

Copy-Paste Synopsis

“A no-nonsense cop has a flair for fashion and a celebrity takes revenge on the paparazzi in a collection of comedic sketches.”


Actual “Review”

Every March, I have something like a “mental checklist” for things I intend to watch during this whole thing. You have usual suspects—Charlie Chaplin, Godzilla, various non-English works, etc. Then we get to things of a more “masochistic” variety, films that, no matter where you look, a foul stench radiates from them. Films that incur a reputation for being irredeemable. The kind of content that makes any rational person ask, “Why the hell was this made?”

InAPPropriate Comedy is this year’s sample of irrefutably obscene material.

In my many years of perusing bottom-of-the-barrel content, I’ve come to understand something “bad” as not just one singular thing. Like its opposing end of “good,” something bad can mean a number of different things. Bad that makes you laugh, bad that makes you squint, bad that puts you to sleep. This is the worst kind of bad: the kind of horrid quality that makes you feel shame.

Caption this; I certainly don’t want to.

You’re embarrassed of yourself for giving it the attention it clearly, desperately begs for. No shit, someone else sat down and watched the last 25 minutes or so of this film with me and an incredible guilt came over me. What could they have thought, seeing me there, watching something so blatantly vile? I may as well have been watching hardcore porn at a public library.

Directed by the ShamWOW guy (not kidding), InAPPropriate Comedy definitely fulfills the quota set by the first word in its title. Basically every joke present throughout its nearly-80-minute runtime consists of being as openly politically incorrect as possible. A sketch “comedy” that ping-pongs between different skits at random, generally settling on a groove with skits such as “Blackass,” “The Amazing Racist,” “Flirty Harry,” and “Porno Reviews.”

Any skit with Rob Schneider involved was an exercise in pain tolerance.

Offensive for offensive’s sake. That’s all it is. To give the film the absolute least amount of credit, “The Amazing Racist,” which I presume was mostly written by (and starring) Ari Shaffir—an actually established comedian—was mostly tolerable, even if the one joke in every segment is “haha racism.” Everything else, regardless of actors or setting or situation, was painful. Epic Movie levels of painful.

On that note, this film (“film”) sure made me appreciate actually creative sketch comedy. This is mostly just “REMEMBER [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY]???” and a bunch of racist jokes and sexual innuendos. Asians and gay people got hit pretty hard in this, in particular. Seems interesting.


Legitimately one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Is it the worst? Has a good argument for it—certainly made me feel like I wasted 80 minutes of my life and that I should wash my brain in bleach. Hard to argue with productions that are so bafflingly lazy that one can’t fathom how a reasonable team of adults gave it life. However, those make me laugh; this work, brazenly including the word “comedy” in its own title, is anything but.

Final Score: 1/10

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