Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to NekoLuce

We’ve come back to the Twitch-related shoutout posts. After some time where the streaming platform became somewhat sterile for me, I decided to hop into a classic source of entertainment: someone playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It has a pretty good success rate.

In this case, the player of said game was, in his words, “just a little guy.” A bouncy PNG of a cute femboy catto with a very fragile voice. The kind of aura that would imply that you’ve stepped into the bedroom of a hardcore introvert. Fascinated, I chose to stick around after a comforting first visit. Little did either of us know where that first meeting would take us.

Introducing NekoLuce. (← Link to his Twitch channel.)

T’was not the first time Luce had gone through the trials of the Thousand-Year Door. It was, however, the first time in several years, hence his memory—already pretty unreliable—was fairly hazy. I, as I am prone to doing, ended up acting as a sort of guide. Whenever he may find himself stuck or in need of assistance, I would offer insight. Such was our relationship for a decent while.

Humble beginnings as a PNGtuber.

As time slithered forward, Luce began to find himself more comfortable with a consistent viewing audience. His mannerisms, initially meek and cautious, grew into sillier means of communication and expression. Much like the feline form that he embodies, the purring became more audible with each new stream, complete with complete and total domination of the game he played.

In his current form, Luce embodies much of that same “little guy” energy as he’s oft to describe himself. A specimen so miniscule in being and importance that one would have to squint to perceive him. Such is his plan, and should it be accomplished, his gloating will be merry as he grabs the upper hand. Catboy? He’s more of a foxboy—cunning and coy to the best of his abilities with unquestionably unobtrusive immorality.

Teasing. The act has made itself very popular recently, particularly in anime and manga. To many, the “roast” is an ultimate act of love, one born from only the most intimate of affection and understanding of the target. Luce has become infected with this disease, taking aim at whomever may enter his stream at will, particularly if they’ve been there several times. Though his model does not include claws, beware them, nonetheless.

Those eyes spell trouble.

On that note, the model on display with each stream provides a foray into the mind of NekoLuce. A cutesy array of fashionable, almost child-like “drip” that would be very hip with the cool kids, probably. His hair even sports a Cruella de Vil-style color scheme to provide further subtle evidence of his sinister nature. Though you can’t see it (normally), he’s wearing a skirt and green-striped thigh-high socks to complete the look. A real icon.

Now, with the hideous identity of pure evil unlocked, what does such a corrupt individual fancy playing? Nintendo games. As expected (from personal experience). The little guy loves Mario—has played so many Mario games that he occasionally worries of “Mario fatigue.” Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario titles aplenty; many of the games he spends his time on feature an Italian man with a fine mustache.

Focus on shaking it.

That is not all, however! Luce will often reach into his bag of fun and pull out random indie games. Bugsnax, Baba Is You, The Looker, and Catlateral Damage are just some of the games he’s made his litter box. The important component is whether he would find it fun, his audience would find it fun, and if it doesn’t cost $30 or more. Cats are on a budget in this economy.

Though his inner instincts are deeply nefarious, his outer coat is deeply sincere and lovely. Luce has been one of my favorite streamers to both watch and interact with since discovering him. Our chemistry is one that simply works, particularly when we’re both at our most cruel. Heckling beasts at our most carnal, shrieking howls until one resigns. Every visit brings a new wave of animosity, only closing the gap between us. I can’t imagine how it looks to passersby.

Spoiler: He didn’t make it.

In case you would like to embarrass him, and I wouldn’t blame you, there are a variety of redeems to choose from. You can have him wear a hat pleading with chat not to bully him (doesn’t work). You can have him do an “UwU,” as is prevalent of his species. If you’re feeling truly hostile, you could even have him do some lion-like roars for your amusement. And though it’s not available to redeem, there was one moment that will live on in stream lore forever. Wonder who put him up to it?

I wouldn’t have it any other way. From late 2022 until now, my interest in catboys has taken a surprising turn upwards. Like with all things, though, it depends entirely on the spirit and how it resonates. One cannot just assume a catboy pure without first inspecting its whiskers. NekoLuce is undoubtedly more than just a little guy. He’s a good soul, trapped in the paper mache body of a virtual representation of a little guy. One day, I’ll get him out. Mark my words.

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out NekoLuce on Twitch. To catch up with him outside of Twitch, you can find him on Twitter and YouTube.

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Thank you for your time. Have a great rest of your day.

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