Twitch Streamer Shoutout: An Ode to SasugaReina

2023 has reared itself. It’s been over two years since Twitch had become so ingrained in my life that I essentially called it a second home. As with most things, time has a way of dulling the sensation of discovery. Attending streams wasn’t what it used to be. Even so, I’ll still hop into random places so long as the game is agreeable. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is pretty agreeable enough.

For some time, what would have me gravitate to someone’s stream is their profile icon and title legibility. Now, I just want to tune into a stream that looks “interesting.” By that I mean not “some person playing a video game.” It’s no coincidence that the last shout-out post was that of a Vtuber, just like the person attributed to this post. Sometimes you just want to look at something a little more fantastic, though it helps when they have a kind persona to go along with it.

Introducing SasugaReina. (← Link to her Twitch channel.)

Here’s a mildly embarrassing admission: When I was a child, I adored roleplaying. It didn’t matter what the subject was—books, games, TV shows, etc.—my active imagination would place myself, or characters of my creation, into their worlds. My siblings would often join me in doing so, and for years we would create all sorts of characters, worlds, and (often hysterical in hindsight) crossovers to build off of. To some extent, I credit my ability to improvise on that fact.

You can’t tell, but she’s dancing in this clip.

Such is why I tend to empathize with people who go through a similar method of identity. Reina is a character, a fully fledged identity made from… “Reina”‘s brain. A lazy strategist who would rather laze around and eat sweets than lead a deployment into battle. Those are qualities of a character I can relate to. And though there isn’t too much to that character that really comes off during streams, it’s a gripping starting point for newcomers.

She came fully prepared to implement that identity, as well. Full to the brim with different forms of artwork via transitions, a model full of movement and quirks, and plenty more to come (or so she says). She almost seems like one of those popular Vtubers with corporations behind them funding their ambitions in a professional manner. (Note: I have never viewed popular Vtubers’ streams before.)

She got too excited.

Ironic it thus becomes that, despite her character’s neglect for any strategizing on the battlefield, Reina’s common games of choice are often strategy-RPGs. She’s put far more time into Fire Emblem Engage and Three Houses than anything else since I’ve followed her, and it ain’t close. Sure, she’ll throw in some Hitman or Hades, if time (or her hardware) allows, but when you watch Reina, at least currently, it’s gonna be Fire Emblem.

Does all this time put into these games make her a truly revolutionary strategist? Not really. But is she at least adequate enough to go through these games without much of a struggle? Also no. Fear not, though: Reina is a character, a facade through which the soul behind it can entertain. I know within my heart that she is truly a god gamer, so magnificent at looking ahead that the ignorance she normally showcases is feigned. It’s because she’s a good streamer. Entertainment!

Entertainment is restarting a battle 13 times.

This is also likely the reason she spends so much time preparing for battle. Mercy me, the amount of time Reina ruminates on the pre-battle menu for Engage and Three Houses both is almost comical. I’ve seen times where she’ll spend more time on the menus than the battle itself. Of course, she’s very diligent with her time. Nothing is ever wasted, lest she “forgets” about something on one turn and allows one of her units to perish. A little wink to the audience.

Not all is for the sake of putting on a show, at least outside the confines of gaming merriment. Reina has always been quite kind to me, even allowing me to amuse her with my sense of humor and not banning me. Only it isn’t so much the kindness that makes her worth watching. A methodical mind she wields like a blade of legend. Her focus is noteworthy, coupled with a preparedness that suits the steely voice. Aloof as she may be, I can sense there is strength to her core. She’s a tough lady.

This isn’t even her final form.

What tough lady wouldn’t admit to being a glorified cat mom? While never shown, Khaleesi and Aegon are often well-noticed during streams, causing mischief behind the scenes that Reina can’t help but comment on. There are even commands available as counters to keep track of how often they cause a ruckus. I’m surprised the count isn’t higher.

Considering all attributes, it’s easy to see why SasugaReina has become a consistent viewing pleasure of mine. Plenty of in-stream lore, both intentional and otherwise; cute cats causing chaos, an appealing personality and model, and a penchant for titles that appeal to Gamers™. Only three months have passed since discovering her, yet I feel I’ll stick around for some time. If not for her god gamer skills, than because of those dang model dabs. I can’t get enough.

If any of this has made you interested, I would highly encourage checking out SasugaReina on Twitch. To catch up with her outside of Twitch, you can find her on TwitterYouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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