Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Series Review – Episode 7

It’s a double whammy of unfortunate circumstances this week for me. My laptop troubles are continuing to haunt me (long story), and on top of that, some cold-like symptoms have found refuge within since the beginning of the week. So I’m writing this with limited battery capacity and limited nostril clearance.

This, combined with the contents of Aharen-san‘s seventh episode itself, will force me to keep this rather curt.

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Thoughts on Mortal Island (0.5)

I would not blame you for being unfamiliar with the topic of today’s post. Unfortunately, Dogless Head Games isn’t exactly a household name, even from an indie perspective. Probably doesn’t help that they have a tendency to disappear from the face of the planet until a game comes out. Nevertheless, Mortal Island (0.5) is the latest project from a developer whose games I have some history with.

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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Series Review – Episode 6

As an apology for being so late last time, this week’s review will be out pretty early… relatively speaking. The episode released yesterday, so while I could have written on it then, I wanted to have my last post settle to give readers a chance to look at it. Two days is long enough, though.

We’re… well, I’m going to assume we’re at the halfway point of Aharen-san‘s anime adaptation. This doesn’t seem like something that would be two-cour, but an official episode count hasn’t been confirmed yet. Currently, it’s been rather disappointing. One of five episodes have shown any potential of living up to its fast-paced, chaotic manga source. Does the sixth episode fare any better? Uhhh… mildly?

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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Series Review – Episode 5

Hello, everyone. Please accept my apologies for being so late with this week’s episodic review of Aharen-san. My laptop troubles have been a consistent theme for the last week-ish, and keeping it alive for even a modicum of time was impossible. However, things seem to have settled for the better, at least for now. Unfortunately, the anime I returned to did not get the memo from the prior episode.

Indeed, we have reverted back into the quality of entertainment more reminiscent of the mediocrity seen in episodes 1-3. Not even an admittedly very cute ending scene could do much for episode five’s overall worth to me.

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(Another) Inconvenient Update

Hello again.

Unfortunate as it is, my current situation with my laptop has not been totally settled. Days after I successfully replaced my battery, my charger has completely stopped charging the laptop. After attempting to buy two replacement chargers—neither of which worked—I’ve come to the conclusion that it is the charger port itself.

So once again, for the time being, there will be no articles uploaded to this site until my laptop can, well, turn on. My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this (more likely I than anyone else). I sincerely wish this would stop happening.

Thank you for your time. Have a better timezone than I’m having.

Thoughts on Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

One of the most impactful games of my childhood was Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Its presence in my life has a bit of a strange structure, which only adds to its legend for me. Within the game itself lies an intensely fun and engaging journey of color and memorable events. The game, and its entire franchise in general, certainly influenced an entire generation of players. Some of those players ended up so inspired that they made their own Paper Mario-esque game: Bug Fables.

Always a semi-risky venture to make a game so similar to that of its inspirator. Comparisons become inevitable, and the perception of “copy-pasting” ideas and mechanics can alienate some. Yes, Bug Fables is heavily inspired by Paper Mario and it shows through most facets of its structure and identity. What becomes important is experiencing how this new product relinquishes the adherence to being within the shadow of its source inspiration.

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Thoughts on Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Now what kind of Nintendo-centric blog writer would I be if I didn’t comment on the good ol’ pink ball of innocence? Kirby got his first fully dedicated 3D adventure in the form of Forgotten Land—yes, that is not a lie. After thirty years of life, this game, which released last month, is his first fully-fledged 3D adventure. All others were either 2D sidescrollers or 3D spin-offs.

A momentous occasion, indeed! Does this little cutie have what it takes to join his Nintendo costars in revolutionizing the 3D platforming space? In hindsight, I would certainly hope so given all that Nintendo has worked on prior. But you never know!

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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Series Review – Episode 3

Hello! I realize I have returned way earlier than I claimed I would. As it turns out, the wait time for delivery for my new laptop battery came way ahead of schedule. My trusty typing machine, now recovered, is ready to churn out more written content on series I am only passively enjoying.

Wasting no time, Aharen-san‘s third episode provides very little different from what the first two episodes already established. Raidou and Aharen are pretty goofy and are just a wee bit too close to one another physically, even if not emotionally. It seems that, for the moment, they are going to ride that very simple premise all the way to the end.

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Inconvenient Update

Hello. I am typing this from my close-to-dead laptop.

Posts on this blog, including planned reviews on the latest Aharen-san episode and a few reviews on games I’ve finished in the last couple weeks, will be delayed. As evidenced by the opening line, my laptop’s battery is close to calling it quits and will need to be replaced. Even typing this right now is a near-miraculous effort without my PC randomly shutting off.

I do not anticipate the delay being too long; perhaps a week or so, maybe more depending on how long it will take for the battery to deliver or if I accidentally get the wrong one. Until then, please bear with me.

Thank you for reading. Have a great timezone (and Easter if you celebrate).