Thoughts on Given (Film)

Given (ha) I viewed Given fairly recently, I figured I’d give the recently-released film a quick watch. It’s less than an hour, the story is still fresh in my mind, and it focuses on Akihiko, my favorite character from the series. One of the things about the original series that kind of made me squint was just how little was explained about him and his relationship with the prodigy violin player. This film focuses on that relationship, along with serving as a sequel/filler story for fans to chew on. Given (last time, promise) I wasn’t too keen on the original (though still liked it overall!), did this film leave me with a better impression of the series’ direction?

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Entries from the Dead: Gibiate

This is a very fresh addition to my anime graveyard, having dropped this just last night. Normally, I would try out an anime, drop it, and then not bother; the rare exception comes when I feel I have something insightful to say about it. But with Gibiate, there is a specific angle that made me try it in the first place, and after seeing (part) of the results myself, I feel pretty let down. This was compared to Mars of Destruction—an anime so terrible it’s used as a pedestal for all terrible anime to aspire to. Knowing that as a connoisseur of terribad things, how could I resist?

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Merry Days of Anime 2020: Megalo Box

Many words were written about anime this season. A lot more than written over the course of the year, as my interest in the anime medium has slowly dwindled. Whether that says more about me as a person or the medium itself is debatable, but one thing’s for sure: I’m not much of an anime man anymore. More of a recommendation dispenser. I’ve seen so many that I’m able to take a quick browse through my list and give about three or four recommendations per genre. Like an old sage with a Word document. Where am I going with this?

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