Visualist x100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode Eleven

hero academia 3 twenty-two

It is not the most creative episode of the series’ run, but it is (debatably) one with the highest of stakes. All Might versus All For One, with a definitive conclusion that will change the fabric of reality within their world. Karandi and I take in the repercussions of the episode’s ending minutes and spit out some thoughts. (more…)

Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode 10

You know the drill!


Is this the end of All Might? Whether it is or not, My Hero Academia certainly wants us to wonder about it for the next week leaving us hanging at the end of episode 10 on a cliffhanger that actually has some bite to it. While we wait for our answer, Kapodaco and I share our thoughts on this week’s episode.



Another cliffhanger for another tensile episode. The identity of All for One has been revealed in the form of a name and a face full of All Might’s fist. The latter’s power is starting to wane and All for One’s laughing in his face. A commenter on my blog for the last episode noted that they expected All Might to die as a result of this battle. It certainly isn’t looking good right now.

At least they got Bakugo back.

Some jargon about heroism, about being confined by…

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Visualist x100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode Nine

hero academia 3 seventeen

In spite of the huge cliffhanger adorned at the end of this episode, I don’t have too much to say about its entirety. Karandi will assume the position of lead analyst for this week as I try to catch up with the pace of my current Summer of Manga. Cue commentary! (more…)

Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode 8

This is the best episode of the entire series. Hyperbole? Find out when Karandi and I discuss this week’s episode of My Hero Academia.


By far the best episode season 3 of My Hero Academia. Kapodaco and I compare our thoughts on the episode and disagree on whether there was anything wrong with the episode or not.



For an episode without a single fight, though there was definitely a punch thrown, episode 8 of My Hero Academia really managed to keep me engaged from start to finish. First we have the dramatic consequences and fall out of the previous trials on Midoriya. We knew he needed to stop breaking himself and this time around he did a fairly spectacular job of it. But the blunt way he is told that he may not be able to use his arms again if he does it even two or three more times is pretty sobering and hits the perfect amount of emotional impact.


Following on from this we have the group of kids who have…

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Visualist x100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode Seven

hero academia 3 fourteen

Episode seven. Seven episodes in and already the biggest “twist” of the series (or so is implied by the episode title) has been foretold. What’s to make of this week’s direction? Me and my lovely ani-compatriot Karandi discuss the philosophical curmudgeon behind the aftermath of the League of Villains’ major manipulative scheme. (more…)

The Art of Anime Pretentiousness

pretentious anime 1

Welcome to the anime community. Your opinions are garbage. Why? Allow me to fill out four or five paragraphs of why that is, but first I will explain to you exactly what it means to be a “casual.” First of all,

a. person who is not nuanced within the proper context of Japanese folklore
b. only enjoys shows on a surface level, disallowing selection of art forms that present a greater conflict of sociological or psychological proportions to flourish
b. i. person does so because they are not intelligently capable enough to comprehend or too lazy to care for enlightenment
c. (addendum – 17/07/05; 13:31 P.M.) roped into anime by casual-istic titles such as Boku no Hero Academia or Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, distilling the expectations of the medium into surface-level appeal
d. believes the medium should cater to their whims (lmao)

Get the gist? Good. Let’s talk pretentiousness in anime. (more…)

Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode 6

The last few times were just hype for the sake of hype, but this week’s episode really is pretty hype. Karandi and I share our thoughts on the first actual episode of My Hero Academia’s third season!


And here it is. My Hero Academia as we remember it. Exciting, amusing, a little bit over-dramatic, but just fun to watch from start to finish. It took six episodes to get here, but season 3 seems to have finally launched. Kapodaco and I share our thoughts on Episode 6. Be sure to leave us a comment about the season so far and if you’ve missed any of our other episode reviews, check out the links below.



What can I say? It’s more of the same.

Not so much the same as this season has been putting forth, but the same quality of excitement as this series has historically been capable of in the past. Season three has finally taken a full grip of me, pulling me around an assortment of places I rarely get the pleasure of visiting. And because of this, there isn’t much to say about…

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