Day Thirty: Dragonball Evolution (MotM 2021)

Shockingly enough, I have not watched a ton of garbage this month, which is normally something I like to do from time to time. Watching good films is great, don’t get me wrong. But for a trashy connoisseur like me, nothing hits quite like a really, really bad film. So I decided to watch this.

It was disappointing.

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Day Twenty-Seven: Penguin Highway (MotM 2021)

As I inch closer to the end of March, my desire to write super in-depth reviews for films decreases dramatically. On top of what I also do for my job (additional writing), it’s a whole lot of writing in one day. And I’m currently sporting a lovely headache. Let’s see how long I can go before I can’t take it.

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Day Twenty-Six: Darkman (MotM 2021)

Superhero films aren’t really my thing. Ever since the giant Marvel superhero craze of the late 2000’s, it’s just been non-stop blockbuster after blockbuster—commercials, sponsorships, specific actors everywhere. I got sick of it all very quickly. Even before then, superhero films were kind of an “empty calories” sort of enjoyment, where I could just enjoy some dumb good vs. evil plot and some rad special effects. Unfortunately, my brain will not let me enjoy them further than that caliber anymore.

Even so, Darkman always called to me.

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