Opinion Pieces

A list of every post on this site that has me voicing my opinion on a specific subject that may prove controversial, in no specific order. Y’know, aside from the reviews. The closer to 2013 a post is, the more likely it is to be unprofessional and garbage.

Similar pieces denoted as “(Kinda)” in other lists will not be featured here.

  1. World of Light Is Not What I Wanted, and I Love It
  2. Sakuta Azusagawa Is Too Perfect
  3. Digging Out of the Anime Burnout – One of Many Personal Predicaments
  4. What Makes Something Perfect? – One of Many Personal Predicaments
  5. What’s Good to Me Versus What’s Good to the Majority – One of Many Personal Predicaments
  6. What It Means to Be “Tryhard” in Anime (Or Fiction in General)
  7. Wholesome Versus Profound – One of Many Personal Predicaments
  8. Self-Indulgent Writing in Anime: Why I Hate It and Why You Probably Don’t
  9. The Art of Anime Pretentiousness
  10. Does Metroid Fusion Need a Remake?
  11. A Very Loud Noisemaker Killed “A Quiet Place”: My Brain
  12. “The Objectively Subjective Objective” — A Reassessment
  13. Sex Should Be More Prominent in Anime
  14. Harry Potter’s Final Scene Destroyed Me
  15. My Adoration of Expression Coupled with Anime
  16. The Objectively Subjective Objective
  17. Adhering to the Value of Narratives in Video Games
  18. Indiana Jones and the Archives of Inconsistency
  19. ‘It Gets Better’ Is Not Always Better
  20. The (Near) Perfection of Metroid Prime’s Opening Sequence
  21. Patience Is a Virtue, Except When It Comes to Ongoing Scanlations
  22. Impressions of a Thorny Cynic: Tools for Helping Your Blog Blossom
  23. K.O. Course! Why Mario Golf Is Superior to Super Smash Bros.
  24. I Wish to Review People. Is It Ethical?
  25. A Subjective Flaw with Current-Age Pokémon Games
  26. Expectations with Starting New Anime
  27. Michael Sam is Gay
  28. I Love People. Maybe It’s Me?