The Reese Movie Ultimately Doesn’t Work as an ASMR Experience

reese the movie cover

If you peruse my Twitter, you may be familiar with my affinity with the ASMR movement. If not, I don’t blame you, because even there I don’t make much mention of it. Instead of taking the time in this post to explain what ASMR is and why it’s so damn popular with kids these days, I’ll just drop a couple videos by prominent ASMRtists explaining in their own way what it is and how it works. I’ll wait here for your return. Continue reading “The Reese Movie Ultimately Doesn’t Work as an ASMR Experience”

My First Youtube Review: Axiom Verge

Hey, everyone. I know I write quite a bit, but have you ever wondered what I actually sound like? If so, feel free to check out my first video review of one of my favorite games of last year: Axiom Verge—an indie metroidvania game developed by a single person. If not, watch it simply for the sake of a man embarrassing himself by putting out a half-assed project that was shelved for many months due to other priorities. It’s not up to my expectations, but I can only strive to get better in the future. A start is a start, after all. Thanks in advance to those who choose to watch it! Take care!

(This is the only time I will dedicate an entire blog post to advertising one of my Youtube videos.)