Day Twenty-Seven: J’ai perdu mon corps (March of the Movies 2022)

This morning was something, let me tell you. My original intention was to watch The Book of Life on Disney+. However, the streaming service would not load for me, despite trying multiple times. Scrambling to find a replacement film, I browsed through hundreds of films on other streaming services looking for anything of interest—in particular, animation.

With no luck, I escaped to Letterboxd for a more in-depth search. (I had been searching for nearly an hour by this point.) Then I came across J’ai perdu mon corps (or I Lost My Body), something a critic I trust liked quite a bit. With a short runtime and an intriguing synopsis, I said, “Fuck it” and booted it up. Ended up being a solid choice!

[Post will be short.]

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Day Eleven: Ernest & Celestine (March of the Movies 2022)

I’m not sure if this is embarrassing to admit, but I didn’t have any fascination with live-action media until the age of twelve or so. Until that point, outside a very rare screening of Spider-Man in theaters (I think?), I only cared about cartoons. (This included anime; I just didn’t care to distinguish them.) What company was the best at producing animated films at this time? And still continues to be the primary source? Disney.

My current age is 28. The youthful days of a preference for animation over live-action has significantly dissipated. Not to imply that I don’t care for animation anymore, only that I’m more than willing to watch real people in stories. Still, it’s always nice to veer back into the medium that I used to absorb so heavily. And looking at the cover image for Ernest & Celestine—a film I had never heard of prior to today—I was reminded of those days yet again.

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Day Five: Anomalisa (MotM 2020)

anomalisa cover

To this film’s detriment, there was a heavy load of expectations from me going into it. Three film critics whose opinions I trust—for those aware, the three members of the Sardonicast podcast on Youtube—all gave this a perfect 10/10. The only other time I’m aware of this happening was with The Lighthouse, which I also adored. Fully prepared to fall in love once again, my decision to watch this came with the caveat that—even though the reputation was high—deep down, I wondered if it might be too much to ask for. Continue reading “Day Five: Anomalisa (MotM 2020)”

Norm of the North Actually Got a Sequel and It’s Glorious

norm two cover

I watched Norm of the North with my brother early last month, perfectly aware of the reputation it has as one of the worst animated films in the existence of time (that’s the magic, really). While it was definitely very bad, I didn’t find it to be as bad as everyone else seemed to think it was; merely an inadequate picture with really unfunny jokes and a juvenile storyline. Upon finishing it, I made the horrifying discovery that a sequel actually existed, and thus, the search for “terribad” content continued forward.

And by the power vested in me as a purveyor of terribad content, Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom is an exquisite masterpiece. Continue reading “Norm of the North Actually Got a Sequel and It’s Glorious”

Day Thirty-One: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (MotM 2019)

spider-verse cover

And so, the final day of the 2019 March of the Movies block comes to a close. It was a good run this year. While I certainly could’ve improved on my time management and depth of reviews, I feel I watched a lot of enjoyable and insightful films this month. To cap it all off, I decided to see something that has been collectively crowned as the greatest superhero-based film ever in the history of time. If you think this sounds exaggerative, why don’t you check its Letterboxd page real quick and get back to me. It should only take a few moments of your time. Continue reading “Day Thirty-One: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (MotM 2019)”

Day Five: Cats Don’t Dance (MotM 2019)

cats dont dance 1

Ah, youth. So many different films that have been sewn into the seemingly endless fabric of my memory bank, weathered by time and newer material. Cats Don’t Dance is, by the voices of those all around the internet, something of an underappreciated picture. I remember watching it around the time it first came out (I was four at the time), and I may have had it on VHS at some point. My memory isn’t too strong. Certainly a positive experience in my deep youth, but the question that arose as I grew older and the pictures associated became foggier was always present: Does it hold up now? Continue reading “Day Five: Cats Don’t Dance (MotM 2019)”