How Much Should an NFL Player’s Character Play into Their Legacy?

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Antonio Brown has made his mark on the NFL over the course of his entire career. With 11,207 receiving yards in nine seasons, he’s proven to be one of the most dangerous receiving threats in NFL history, which is made more amazing by the fact that he was a sixth-round draft pick. Based on performance alone, should he retire tomorrow, there’s considerable argument that he could make the Hall of Fame, and that he’s the best wide receiver the Pittsburgh Steelers have had in their rich history. This makes it all the more troubling—specifically for Steelers fans—considering the present circumstances, which has Brown and the team heading into an ugly divorce. Continue reading “How Much Should an NFL Player’s Character Play into Their Legacy?”

Quick Pick: Baltimore at Pittsburgh (Week Four; 2015)

I really like this match-up, because it has a lot of variables to it. More so than many match-ups this week. Pittsburgh is without starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Baltimore is without a win this season. And Terrell Suggs. Baltimore and Pittsburgh games are usually defensive battles, but neither team’s defense looks quite as good as its offense. However, Pittsburgh’s offense is going to rely on Michael Vick at quarterback. Remember Michael Vick? I’m sure you do. If not for his sports accolades, then certainly for his off-the-field accolades. Everyone likes to remind me of it on every article concerning him. Over and over and over and over and over and—

I initially wanted to pick Baltimore for this game. They’re typically good at stealing wins from Pittsburgh and they aren’t starting Michael Vick at quarterback. Not to mention, Pittsburgh’s without Ryan Shazier, one of their best defensive players. However, with all the weapons that Michael Vick has to his arsenal, with the likes of Antonio Brown, Heath Miller, and Le’Veon Bell, on top of a solid offensive line, it’s hard to think they won’t score many points in this game. Michael Vick himself is a bit of a weapon with his speed. That could also be his weakness, too, as he tends to run it a little too much sometimes. Oh, and he fumbles quite often, too. I just don’t trust Michael Vick.

Baltimore would be the safe pick here, as they have a proven starter at quarterback who has a history of overcoming expectations, as Pittsburgh does not. In terms of defense, though, I feel Pittsburgh is the stronger case, even without Shazier. They’re toughest challenge will be quelling Steve Smith, who’s been hot lately. And Baltimore? I don’t even know what to make of their defense. It held up strong against Denver in Week One. Since then, 28 points or more each game.

Peyton proved me wrong two weeks ago. Let’s see if Mike can do the same.

Winner: Pittsburgh