Day Six: Castaway on the Moon (MotM 2019)

castaway on the moon

Today, I am out of words. Day after day of continually writing similarly structured content that eventually drowns into a gateway of monotony that is drained of all importance. I like this film, here’s why. I don’t like this film, here’s why. Where does the substance of meaning arise? When is this going to make any difference to anyone? I’m in a far corner of the internet writing about films to a few dozens among billions of people on the planet, many of whom will look at this post and leave without reading more than a couple paragraphs—if not skip to the end to look at the flashy number. It’s enough to make myself question the effort I put into the things I’m most passionate about, especially those that will sit in a glass case to collect dust for all eternity. Continue reading “Day Six: Castaway on the Moon (MotM 2019)”