NFL Pick ‘Em: Super Bowl LVI

Around this time last year (the extra week to the Regular Season ensured it wouldn’t be exact), I made a Super Bowl pick, as I try to do every year. At that time, I was terribly conflicted: Do I go with the powerhouse Chiefs or the Brady-led Buccaneers? I ended up wrong last year, though I take solace in knowing that my heart wanted to pick the Buccaneers.

This year, my brain and heart are saying the same thing. This year, I’m confident.

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Give Andy Dalton a Break for 2019

andy dalton break post cover

Disclaimer: This is not a post arguing that Andy Dalton, as a football player, is underrated or a bonafide starter (even if I believe he is). This is also not arguing that Andy Dalton has never gotten breaks before. The main argument presented here is that Andy Dalton deserves better. His stats aren’t pretty and his team is 0-8 in 2019. As of yesterday, on his own god damn birthday, Dalton was benched for rookie Ryan Finley. Thus, the floodgates opened about the longtime Bengal’s legacy, worth, and role in a dumpster fire year for the 2019 Cincinnati Bengals. Continue reading “Give Andy Dalton a Break for 2019”

I Played “General Manager Mode” in Madden NFL 12—Here’s How I Fared

madden 12 gm mode header

I realize the audience for this specific post is tremendously low, but this is something of a journey that I’m quite pleased with. After watching Jon Bois and Kofie Yeboah destroy the NBA with horrible players, I was inspired to do something similar, but without the intentional sabotage. Playing Madden 12 for as long as I have, it finally clicked upon watching the aforementioned video: I like playing football, but I love creating football. I love assembling the teams, creating the scenarios, and doing all I can to improve every position. Think of it like those auto-chess games, where you establish the setting and plan for what’s ahead, then let the AI handle all else. I did just that, only with Madden 12. Continue reading “I Played “General Manager Mode” in Madden NFL 12—Here’s How I Fared”

Quick Pick: Cleveland at Cincinnati (Week Nine; 2015)

Cincinnati better put on their big boy pants, because they’re playing 3 PRIMETIME games in a row. 1 tonight, 1 next Monday, and 1 the following Sunday. Andy Dalton is 3-7 in PRIMETIME games. However, 2 of his 3 wins were at home, so he has a good chance here. After all, who are they facing?

Cleveland? Oh.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: the last time Cincinnati faced Cleveland in PRIMETIME, they lost 3-24. At home. Dalton threw 3 picks and didn’t even complete 1/3 of his passes. Cincinnati was clearly the better team, but they blew it anyway. This should make this game very, very interesting.

But that was last year. This is this year. Cleveland’s defense is not what it was last year and neither is Dalton. I took a chance with Dalton last week against Pittsburgh on the road and he didn’t disappoint, but looked a little shaky. I think it’s safe to say that Cincinnati should wrap this game up without a hitch.

But then again… PRIMETIME.

Winner: Cincinnati