Day Twelve: The Front Runner (MotM 2019)

the front runner 1

I made a really smashing review yesterday. I was quite proud of myself. I went ahead and went over the limit of the words I typically use when describing a movie. My accomplishments as a critic really speak for themselves, and I think it’s important to note that…

What’s that? A rumor? About me?

What is it? Continue reading “Day Twelve: The Front Runner (MotM 2019)”

Day Eight: Avengers Grimm: Time Wars (MotM 2019)

avengers grimm tw 1

Okay, so I’ve watched this film and I have one thing I wanna say: the movie poster is really weird and misleading.

Y’see that girl in red? She’s not the main character, yet she’s in the middle of everything and is most prominent among every character. She’s more of a side character than anything, though is also one of the returning characters from the last film (Yes, this is a sequel). And the bearded dude in the background? He’s more of a lackey than anything; the main antagonist is the woman with the trident, so why is she not in the back, looking super evil and dominating? Lastly, the main male character(?), a mirror image of “Prince Charming,” is featured nowhere on the poster, yet is featured prominently in the film, and is integral to the plot within. So, what the hell is this poster? It matches the product, in any case. Continue reading “Day Eight: Avengers Grimm: Time Wars (MotM 2019)”

Day Six: Castaway on the Moon (MotM 2019)

castaway on the moon

Today, I am out of words. Day after day of continually writing similarly structured content that eventually drowns into a gateway of monotony that is drained of all importance. I like this film, here’s why. I don’t like this film, here’s why. Where does the substance of meaning arise? When is this going to make any difference to anyone? I’m in a far corner of the internet writing about films to a few dozens among billions of people on the planet, many of whom will look at this post and leave without reading more than a couple paragraphs—if not skip to the end to look at the flashy number. It’s enough to make myself question the effort I put into the things I’m most passionate about, especially those that will sit in a glass case to collect dust for all eternity. Continue reading “Day Six: Castaway on the Moon (MotM 2019)”