Thoughts on D-Frag!

Let me introduce to you, the epitome of uncreativity: D-Frag!. There is a lot to say about this anime, however, most of what will be said will be dull, repetitive, and most of all, not funny. It’s a show whose purpose is to make light of what people think of as an eventful, fulfilling high school lifestyle. It’s a show whose purpose is to be as completely random as possible in order to try and steal some smirks from the viewer. Unfortunately for this title, I’m not a viewer, I’m a reviewer; and as a reviewer, I’ll take it upon myself and say that this show is not only unfunny, but also terrible in overall quality.

I now present to you the formula of how D-Frag! works:

Something serious happens. -> Serious turns random. -> Straight man makes exaggerated gesture or reaction. -> I groan. Throw in implied infatuation for the main character from two or three different characters due to the fact that he’s the main character. -> Main character doesn’t notice LAWL ORIGINAL. -> Make every character as cute or distinct or colorful as possible in order to stand out. -> Barely give any attention to at least 75% of the cast. -> Give attention to the character with the biggest pair of breasts. -> Don’t make jokes about the size of her breasts… just kidding LAWL BIG BEWBS! XD. -> Make the main character a delinquent. -> Doesn’t act like a delinquent whatsoever. -> Make about four hundred jokes every episode. -> Every third joke is a repeating joke. And unfunny… just like the rest of them. -> This show is about a club. -> The setting is almost never in the clubroom, and if so, never lasts for more than half an episode. Also, they do next to nothing in terms of events or happenings within the club. -> Add at least ten new characters every episode, each with their own strange personality disorder. -> Only about four of these characters will appear again… once… for a minute.

I’ll say this, though. The art was fine. The only complaint I had was how blatant the character design was in trying to pull in viewers with the characters’ flashy hair styles and colors and yadda yadda. The amount of ‘moe’ in this anime is also very prevalent. It’s not bad, it just further improves the validity of my point. Overall, a good looking anime… almost too good looking.

I had the sound up for a couple episodes. I heard their child voices and I wanted to lower the volume. Kazama’s exaggerated screams at least sounded realistic.

Basically, through an unorganized manner of criticism, the message I’m trying to convey is to not watch this anime. Truly, I found no enjoyment in this whatsoever… no, no, that’s not right. There were a couple instances where I found Takao cute… but she’s just an archetype, damn it. This anime just isn’t funny, or entertaining. At all. And with a premise like, “ALL THESE GIRLS ARE CRAZY, MAN,” you’d think the show would be interesting… it just isn’t, at least I don’t think so. It’s too repetitive, it’s too blatantly advertising its characters’ style points, and it feels like it only cares for a few of its characters. I feel like this series truly deserves to be suspended for a while. Come back when you can think of something coherent, would ya?