Day Twelve: George Carlin’s American Dream (March of the Movies 2023)

When I was in my early to mid-twenties, I came to discover the comedy styling of George Carlin via a “Top 100 Greatest Comedians” list I happened upon online. He was listed as #1, just above Richard Pryor. Curious, I decided to look into some clips via YouTube of his specials. To say it changed my life would be hyperbolic—it did, however, have a pretty big impact on the way I thought at the time.

Somewhat ashamedly, a lot of what I took from his stand-up is that everything is garbage and that humanity deserves to be ashamed. He made it seem “cool” to not care, to not want to deal with anything. It wasn’t until years later that I got to watch him in interviews and various appearances and listen to how sophisticated of a person he is, and that his act was just that—an act. These deeper insinuations are further explored here in this documentary concerning his life.

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Day Seventeen: Andre the Giant (March of the Movies 2022)

Some days, I want to watch comedies. Other days, I want to watch dramas. Today, I wanted to watch a cheesy sports documentary on one of the most legendary wrestlers of all time—a wrestler that I have always been fascinated by, ever since childhood: Andre the Giant.

What makes him interesting? He’s really big. Why is that interesting? Because it’s not normal. This man is like two men in one. His sheer girth makes him compelling to the eye and to the minds of those he towers over. A massive force who, outside his ring persona, was just a simple guy. This documentary chronicles the life of a man who was… no, I’m not gonna advocate for such clichés.

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Day Twenty-Seven: When We Were Kings (MotM 2019)

when we were kings cover

Cinderella Man is among my favorite films, at least I believe so. One of the major proponents of that film is the sport of boxing, which, while irrefutably violent, has some beauty surrounding it. When We Were Kings was something of a back-up plan today, as the original film was much longer and I ended up watching it fairly late. Thus, I thought to myself, “Why not kick back and watch something on a boxing legend?” Continue reading “Day Twenty-Seven: When We Were Kings (MotM 2019)”