Thoughts on Dragon Crisis! (Spoilers)

Eww, gay.

Here’s the thing about this anime. Here’s the beautiful thing; it’s stupid. Wow, I never would have imagined describing anything that way. But, in essence, that’s all it really is. The plot is stupid, the logic is stupid, and half the characters are just there to be there. Did I mention that it’s stupid?

Let’s see, plot; mmm. Guy meets girl. Girl is dragon. Guy raises girl. They have misadventures. They meet new women to add to the dull main character’s harem. Haven’t heard that one before. Guy kisses girl’s hand. She then becomes an “adult.” As an adult, she collapses during school (dragons go to school?) and her health becomes unstable. Guy is told it’s because of him. Guy is later told by one of his harem bait that it wasn’t because of him. Guy rescues girl. They kiss. Giant heart explosion obliterates the enemy. Happily ever after… wait, why was her health deteriorating in the first place, then? See? Stupid.

My feelings toward the characters are somewhat mixed. The main character is the main character, and male. Personality set. Dragon girl A is cute as a “child,” and stupid as an “adult.” Big-breasted relative is probably my favorite character. That isn’t saying much. Dragon girl B is fine. Wolf girl is fine… at first. Then she becomes harem bait. Pink professor is fine. Past is never explored excluding a random flashback of being saved by main character’s father. Dragon girl C should go die. Every other character isn’t worth mentioning. In total, the characters aren’t terrible. It’s the least stupid this show has to offer.

Oh, art. Uh, it was nice? I guess. It reminded me at times of School Days, who’s animation I genuinely enjoyed. It reminded me of another anime, that one anime where they make fun of american fairy tales and what-not. Shin-tachi? Something like that. It was okay, I suppose. But seriously, that giant heart explosion. Hehehehehehe. The action scenes (the very few of them) were fine. I wonder if I was the only one bothered with the fact that whenever big-breasted relative drove the car, she always tended to swerve left and right before eventually going straight with a “VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.” Nitpicking at its finest. JUST DRIVE STRAIGHT. Female drivers.

I somewhat watched this series with sound. I’ve started trying to listen in more to the music playing in the background and the inevitable voice acting of each character in a particular series. The only voice that stands out to me here was Ms. Kugimiya, because it’s Rie Kugimiya. RYUUJI, RYUUJI, RYUUJI, RYUUJI, RYUUJI. Reminds me of Toradora. I’ve noticed, a lot of the male main characters’ names that are associated with the anime that Rie Kugimiya is involved with are or are similar to “Ryuuji.” Seriously, refer to Toradora, Hidan no Aria, Zero no Tsukaima, and now this. I’m sure there are more.

Overall, gay. And by gay, I mean cheesy. And by cheesy, I mean, “HEH! NOT WATCHING THIS AGAIN.” There are so many questions that arise after watching this series. A lot of them have to do with some of the characters’ motivation and the whole point of these “lost preciouses.” What’s a lost precious? Hell, I don’t know. The anime did a pretty poor job of explaining them, too. Along with the fact that a whole shit-load of supernatural events happen in normal life and no one ever questions it. Stupid. That’s basically what I can say about this series in a nutshell; the logic is stupid. The anime is stupid. Dragon Crisis!? More like Cliche Crisis!. Mmm.