Day Twenty-Nine: I Care a Lot (March of the Movies 2023)

Another recommendation by one not titled as “myself.” I Care a Lot features one Rosamund Pike, whom I’ve heard nothing but adoring praise for, in a role that promises to be rather ruthless. Undoubtedly, many who view this will be asking the age-old “Can I like despicable characters?” question concerning fictional media. Is there a moral? Should there be?

No answers are provided here. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Day Twenty-Eight: Fatal Frame (March of the Movies 2023)

At some point in 2021, I was asked by my superior at my job as a games journalist to create quizzes for the website, because content. While a lot of topics were pretty large names that were relevant at the time, one franchise I ended up doing a quiz for was Fatal Frame. Researching the series erected interest in trying out the game for myself (have yet to do so). Some time later, I came to find out something even more fascinating: Fatal Frame got a movie!

With the whole “There has never been a good video game movie” stigma out there, I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up more. At least based on Letterboxd user scores, this has a pretty reputable consensus. That, combined with the lingering curiosity I have for its video game parent, invited me to give this a shot and see how it fared.

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Day Twenty-Seven: Shazam! (March of the Movies 2023)

It’s gettin’ a wee bit late in the day and I’m tired. Gonna go ahead and make this a quick’n and keep things concise.

Superhero films ain’t “the vibe” for me. While there are those who enjoy a good bing-bang-boom and other assortments of onomatopoeia, my pleasures tend to come from quieter, less cacophonous ventures. Regardless, sometimes superhero flicks do come across to me as potentially enjoyable and I’ll sit down to test their mettle. Shazam! is one that I’ve had my eye on since it released.

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Day Twenty-Six: Between the Lines (1977) (March of the Movies 2023)

As the days go by, I’m becoming more and more willing to just go through a random actor’s history and pick lesser-known films they’ve starred in. Today’s subject is Jeff Goldblum in one of his earliest roles. Between the Lines encapsulates a slice-of-life-like moment in history that was well before my time. Due to this, I instantly became intrigued (also Jeff Goldblum).

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Day Twenty-Five: Airplane! (March of the Movies 2023)

About five years ago, I watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I did not like it. This year, I decided to watch another “classic” comedy film which also involves planes that I often get confused for the former title: Airplane!. My wish for today was something goofy and light-hearted. This ended up being just that.

Not gonna be a substantial post today. While there could be much said about the style of comedy employed, I’m not in a fervorous writing mood today.

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Day Twenty-Four: Decision to Leave (March of the Movies 2023)

Despite not being marked as such, this is technically a re-watch. I will not mark this as a re-watch since I do not already have an article covering it on this site. My first viewing of Decision to Leave came more than three months back upon the recommendation of a close friend. This same close friend recommended I re-watch it for this month, and so it has come to that point.

Back in December, I liked this film a fair amount, though its ratings felt a little inflated to me. Nevertheless, I did intend to re-watch it at some point because this film is pretty dense with its themes. And for reasons I will get into during this review. Oh, and there will be spoilers for this film going forward.

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Day Twenty-Three: Wild Strawberries (1957) (March of the Movies 2023)

There is a name in the film industry that is new to me, but not to many others: Ingmar Bergman. He, during a majority of his life, made films dealing with the inner intricacies of humanity. If you go on any film database site, you will see that most of his films are almost universally beloved for their personal, humanistic quality. I’ve yet to see anything of his, so I wanted to dedicate at least one day this month to see what I was missing. In comes Wild Strawberries, one of his earlier works.

Recently I saw a short bio on Bergman describing him as “one of the most influential existentialist filmmakers of all time.” Existentialism is something that should intrigue me, especially with my constant urging for more “grounded” stories. With such enormous expectations, though, it may have been doomed to fail from the start.

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Day Twenty-Two: The Menu (2022) (March of the Movies 2023)

She really is superb at that pouty, standoffish stare, isn’t she? One of those rising stars that have taken filmgoers by the heart, Anya Taylor-Joy is certainly a name that piques my interest in upcoming pictures. Then you include a varied cast of names like Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, Hong Chau (who was terrific in The Whale), and John Leguizamo? Goodness, this is one flexible meal. I just hope The Menu lives up to its starpower.

The film’s synopsis, coming soon, leaves a lot to be interpreted. Its trailer, alternatively, kind of spoils the entire course. Would not recommend watching the trailer (which I will provide anyway; SEO score and all that). Luckily, I never saw a trailer for this, so this was a relatively blind viewing. My assumption was that the chef would feed them human meat or something.

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Day Twenty-One: The Mummy (1999) (March of the Movies 2023)

Curiosity is something that influences many of my daily decisions. Much like the astute character played by Rachel Weisz, my desire for knowledge carries me forward. I’ve always had a sort of flirtation with being a scientist, even as a child, though anything that involves investigation and study of information is fun. Which is why The Mummy was a watch based on incredible word of mouth. I had to study it for myself to see if the praise is warranted.

It’s a hoax.

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