Day Seventeen: Destroy All Monsters (March of the Movies 2023)

Destroy All Monsters is probably one of my favorite Godzilla films in terms of the human element. That may seem like high praise, but given the state of humanistic conflict within this franchise, it’s actually like saying I prefer untoasted white bread to moldy bread. The benefit to this era of the king of the monsters is that plots can be as uproariously stupid as possible and be endearing because of it.

What that goofy nature ends up doing as a negative consequence, however, is making the kaiju scenes relatively dull. I adore the Heisei era of films from this series (1984-95) because of their scale and atmosphere. The incredible size of Godzilla and the weight to its movements. The booming score as it stomps around cities or fights other gargantuan beasts. Back before then, Godzilla was more… Power Rangers. Such is the case here.

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Day One: Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (March of the Movies 2022)

What better way to start off this year’s March of the Movies block than with some Godzilla? I love Godzilla! I’ve watched a Godzilla film during March of the Movies every year since 2019! It’s a comfort viewing, really, especially since one can argue that they’re all more or less the same. Like Pokémon or Mega Man or Call of Duty. Now we’ve come to an entry with perhaps the longest name for a Godzilla film ever. Does the film feel as long as its title?

Fortunately, no! Alas, a similar achilles’ heel presents itself, like an ode to the previous film in the franchise’s history.

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