Thoughts on Hataraku Maou-sama!

Alright. This isn’t going to be long. I’ll just write down a few things I thought about with this anime below.

At one point, Chiho said this to Suzuno after finding out that she wanted to kill Maou, “. . .did you ever talk to him?” I believe it was at this point that I decided not to take this anime seriously. Did anyone ever talk to Hitler? I think if someone would have talked to Hitler, he may have been able to be forgiven by the families of those six million people.

Most of the characters were stereotypes, the comedy wasn’t funny (and slightly repetitive), and I felt as though the characters became accustomed to the human world FAR too quickly. And where are the jokes about the characters not being able to comprehend all of the technology present in the human world? There was one scene where Suzuno acted cautious around an ATM. That was humorous. Did they think to show anything else other than Maou’s obliviousness to the fact that all of the women wanted him? No.

Another thing, what exactly is up with Maou’s mindset? He’s the dark lord. He’s the most evil thing on Ente Isla. Yet, when he arrives in the human world, after a few short days/weeks/months/???, he’s suddenly Mr. Clean. What happened?! Was he really evil to begin with?! I would think so, since he more than likely authorized his troops to pillage all of those villages. He was the one who claimed to desire world domination even in the human world. What is with the logic of this anime?! Another thing, did he wipe the memories of errybody in Japan after all of those supernatural occurrences? If so, he never decided to mention it. Wouldn’t there be some sort of urgency by the people within the city to find out what the hell is going on?! As far as I recall, all he said he did with his magic was “fix things.” Does that include “fixing” the minds of those who witnessed it? There are so many plotholes within this anime. There are also a lot of lost opportunities and uninteresting replacements. There is so much about this anime I would love to change, but I’m not the author, and I’m certainly not among the thousands of people who rated this series a perfect ten. I just don’t get it. I don’t get this series at all; its popularity, its logic, or its value. I just don’t see a lot there from what it’s willing to give me.

Oh, look at that, I said I wasn’t going to write much. I even said in my head before typing this, “I’ll just write one sentence about each category within this anime, then I’ll be done.” I suppose I can’t control myself whenever I go into full critic mode. Oh, my back hurts from hunching forward.

May as well talk about the animation. I liked Maou’s eyes. I liked Yusa’s eyes. I liked Suzuno’s eyes. I hated Chiho’s breasts. They seemed to change shape whenever the hell she dressed in different attire. Don’t get me started on her bikini. That was laughable. Her breasts were so overly-accentuated that is was disgusting. What I’m trying to say here is that the characters’ eyes were cool, while the fan service was fucking awful. The fighting scenes weren’t really there, so I can’t really comment about how lazy the animators may have been, but probably were. Some of the characters’ exaggerated expressions were… er… humorous… I guess.

Who was my favorite character…? Ashiya, probably. He was a stereotype, but there were moments within the anime where I liked him, specifically the scene where he tells Rika the fake story about how Yusa and Maou supposedly met. And then he says something that made Rika blush… and nothing came out of it! Nice self-restraint! That’s one good thing you’ve show- oh, wait….

Okay, seriously, I’m done. This anime… I wouldn’t say it’s shit… but I was expecting a lot from this anime and it didn’t deliver. Not that MgRonalds delivers, but whatever. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t anything I haven’t seen, and most of all, it left a lot unexplained. I guess the best way to describe this anime (and a lot of other anime) is to say it’s “a waste of potential.”