The Oh So Fun Blog Update

Hello, everyone. I hope you all are doing well considering the circumstances of the world.

I am writing this update to inform everyone that my output will be (and has been, frankly) slowing down tremendously in the coming days/weeks/months/etc. I have recently gotten my part-time job back, and my work with KeenGamer has increased due to larger responsibilities and number of writers sending in articles. As such, I will not have the same amount of time to dedicate to writing articles for the blog.

This is not a death sentence, nor is it the beginning of the end. I am simply too preoccupied with adjusting to a busier lifestyle, combined with a relative lack of motivation to write about anything when my interest in games is at a high point. As these things tend to go, I will probably find myself re-invigorated with other subjects in due time, and my desire to write will follow.

With that said, I’m unsure of when I will write again for the blog and what I will write about. All I can ensure is that it will be something that I will want to write on. Maybe football; haven’t done much on that recently.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

Anime Hiatus

Well, the time has finally come where I’ve become bored of Chinese cartoons. After almost two and a half years and over two hundred titles, my eyes are full of dust. Blinking would’ve helped.

I think this may have been inevitable. My total anime view count has been decreasing year after year, and anything above a one-cour series has been more of a chore than anything. Plus, I’ve had short hiatuses in the past. In February of 2013, I had a two week hiatus. The last two years, between the months of October and November, I only finished a combined five anime titles. In fact, in the past five months, I’ve only completed eleven titles, and some of those were just ongoing titles. My anime viewing productivity has gotten rusty, and any oil I may need to spruce me up looks to be out of stock. I think time may be the only solution. However, with my current mindset, I’m not sure I’ll even come back to it.

My brothers all congratulated me when I told them.

Lately I’ve become more interested in going back to my video game roots. Bravely Default has been a good transitional method back into the world of video games. Although, thanks to my anime experience, the Bravely Default experience is bittersweet. The game is fun, and its mechanics allow for a lot of enjoyable playing hours. However, if you’re playing it for the story and its characters, well, hopefully you aren’t accustomed to Japanese cliches, because the amount of ’em could fill half of India. It’s been a long while since I’ve become so dedicated to a single game, well, besides Madden 12, but that’s more like The Sims to me than a game.

The Summer of Anime will still be commencing… probably. I think the Summer will be my only consistent return to anime. I may re-watch some stuff. I don’t know. For right now, anime looks a lot like a lusterless jewel. One that used to shine bright, but has been dragged through the dirt for the past two and a half years. Oh, well.