Thoughts on Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle

Oh. Oh, wow. That ending. Oh, that ending.

I’m not gonna say much about this, because if you’ve seen the first season, you’ve essentially seen the second season. There are some key differences, but are limited throughout.

This season gets a lot more done. With fewer episodes and an entire season under its belt, this season doesn’t have time to mess around. It just gets to the point: the point of the story. Who is Chaika? And what is her real purpose?

Because of this limited time frame, we don’t get as much cheery character interaction. That’s not to say the interaction between characters was good to begin with, but it was at least attempting to seem, er, “normal.” In this season, there is a very little of this in general. Every moment seemed almost entirely dedicated to forwarding the plot. This is nice, but the previous season gave little attention to character development, so it still feels as if this were just pictures on pages.

And the final episode… wow. You can’t spell “rushed” without Hitsugi no Chaika. Actually, you can, but nevertheless, more happened in the last episode than every episode prior to it combined. It was almost as if the writer said “OKAY, FUCK IT, I WANT THIS STORY DONE. NOW.” See now, I was gonna rate this higher, but then that happened. Now it’s lower. Ho-hum.

It’s disappointing, to say the least. I had hopes that this series would end on a high note. Instead, it ends by pedaling a tricycle 350 miles an hour into an active volcano. Just zany as hell how fast that went. That’s not normal. It shouldn’t be normal.